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The Waterfall Villas is a special place to let your creative energy flow. Art lets you express inner feelings and is a fantastic way to share our inner worlds and perspectives. Private classes can be scheduled by request. We invite artists to use our space for their own retreats, and to invite their students to the Waterfall Villas.

Waterfall Villas Workshops | Chinese Watercolor Painting, Astrology, Tai Chi, Feng Shui

Waterfall Villas hosts workshops on special topics such as Chinese Watercolor Painting, Astrology, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Past Life experiences, mystical Tarot, and other interesting topics.

Our Shamanic practitioner Sabina, offers a Soul Retrieval and Spirit Animal workshop on request.
Please check when making reservations if there is a workshop that might interest you.

Waterfall Villas Workshops

A spiritual journey at the Waterfall Villas is an experience of a lifetime. Gather the wisdom of the ancient earth and become one with nature!

All of Fateh’s art is done on traditional mulberry wood, cotton and rice paper, she hand grinds pine tar from Guilin for her black colors, and uses ground semi-precious stones such as Lapis Azuli and Malikite in her paintings in the Lingnan School tradition. All paintings are mounted on pure silk tapestry by the Hong Kong Master – Micheal Poon. Art is shipped to anywhere in the world from Miami Gallery.Her paintings can be found in the Suites of the Waterfall Villas and at a gallery in San Jose. The paintings are for sale and you can purchase these with or without frame for easy transportation. The paintings at the Waterfall Villas are offered at wholesale prices. Our resident artist Fateh Kaur offers Chinese brush painting classes to guests only. This experience is an additional cost of $95.

Plant Workshops can be requested at time of reservation to be included as part of your itinerary at the Waterfall Villas .

Costa Rica Painting Workshop

Fateh also makes unique one of a kind jewelry that has a balancing effect on the chakras by combining hand silver wire work with beautiful semi-precious and precious stones such as rubies and sapphire in her work. Fateh often uses pendants made by Shankari in Bali, as well as pieces of vintage collectors from around the world. If you would like to see the jewelry – do ask Fateh, and she would love to give you a private showing of her current collection. All jewelry is priced at wholesale at the Waterfall Villas.

Fateh is also the artist who has done the mosaic work on the Waterfall Villas property.