Yoga Retreat Costa Rica: Explore the Best that Costa Rica Has to Offer at Waterfall Villas Resort!

Waterfall Villas Resort is built atop breathtaking private waterfalls that are set in the Baru Rainforest. Unlike any other place on earth, Waterfall Villas is the perfect setting for your next yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

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Waterfall Villas offers a variety of yoga retreats in Costa Rica at our award winning, boutique eco-resort. Our remote paradise is set in the lush Baru Rainforest, and offers an ideal environment for those who seek relaxation, renewal, healing, and better health.

Guests are welcome to customize their own private yoga retreat in Costa Rica and incorporate it into any stay they book with us, at any time throughout the year.  Specializing in unplugged escapes that promote the balance of mind and body rejuvenation is what Waterfall Villas does best. Those who plan a private yoga retreat can enjoy personalized instruction and private classes for two hours each morning.  Couples can take classes together and enjoy a luxurious suite and private bathroom during their stay.

The environment and instruction at Waterfall Villas is tailored to accommodate the level of practice our guests are familiar with and wish to reach during their stay.  Guests are also welcome to integrate spiritual studies - Vedic or Buddhist, meditation practice, as well as a cleansing or detoxification program. Waterfall Villas also offers an Ayurveda healing dosha balancing diet, and guests can also combine yoga into a vegetarian, vegan or raw food retreat here as well.

Yoga Retreat Costa Rica: Explore Waterfall Villas’ extraordinary private and group yoga retreats in Costa Rica. 

Waterfall Villas offers spectacular group yoga retreats in Costa Rica in addition to private yoga retreats for individuals and couples:

  • Our Detox Yoga Retreat will rejuvenate your life with a Vegan and Raw food detox program combined with yoga. This 6-night retreat will cleanse and renew your body and soul, with expertly prepared, gourmet, organic vegan cuisine. Yoga practice and circulation meditation are incorporated in to this effective detox program, which is led by our own Fateh Kaur Bolivar and her Balinese Shaman. Yoga is an essential element in the detoxification process, as the movement and stretches aid in the body’s release of toxins.
  • Our Soul Connection Retreat can help you take your yoga practice to a deeper level while you are surrounded by incredible energy at the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls. This retreat accommodates all levels of experience, is all-inclusive, and includes meditations to channel the energy needed to explore the soul and the spirit, with the goal of achieving insight and transformation.

Waterfall Villas’ yoga retreats are designed to provide you with time for self-reflection as well as to focus on healing yourself. Our retreats will help you improve your mental and physical flexibility, and learn how to become resilient to new challenges that life presents you with in the future. Yoga is a way to create balance in your life and align yourself in the universe to your true purpose.

Contact Waterfall Villas today, at: (506) 2-787-4137 to learn about the various yoga retreats in Costa Rica that are offered here, as well as our current seasonal holiday packages that offer generous discounts for guests who are looking to get away this holiday season. Waterfall Villas looks forward to hosting you while you partake in a life changing yoga retreat in Costa Rica