Yoga Vacations in Costa Rica

Yoga at Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica

Yoga is an activity that is beneficial in many ways. It can calm you, make you more flexible, help you lose weight, and provide many other positive aspects to your life and wellbeing.

Yoga at Waterfall Villas Resort in Costa Rica is the ultimate yoga experience. Surrounded by the lush and tropical Baru rainforest and the CascadasFarallas Waterfalls of the south Pacific, it is an experience like no other. Combined with the gourmet, healthy meals and the comfortable and beautiful accommodations, you will be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.  The Waterfall Villas is completely secluded from the world outside, yet only a 3 mile/ 5 minute drive to Dominical Beach Town.

Almost anyone can do yoga

It's a common misconception that you need to be flexible to do yoga. It's not hard to see how this myth came to be; almost every picture that you see in a magazine or on social media of someone doing a yoga pose shows off amazing flexibility. But putting your foot behind your head or doubling your body over in a backbend is really not the norm for your average yogi.

Some people are naturally more flexible than others. Some people work really hard at their asana practice and over time become very flexible. Some people were committed dancers or gymnasts as kids or young adults and are using that training to present a very acrobatic style of yoga. None of these scenarios apply to the majority of people in a typical yoga class.

If you've been putting off trying yoga or felt intimidated to go to a class because you "can't even touch your toes," please stop. Don't avoid yoga because you think you aren't flexible enough to do the poses you've seen in magazines. In fact, if you have tight muscles, yoga is just the thing you need to do to loosen them up. It's about a lot more than looking good in a difficult pose. Tightness can lead to back pain and a host of other mobility issues, especially as you age.

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Waterfall Villas Wellness Retreat offers Yoga and various other retreats in an environment conducive to revitalizing your body, mind and spirit!  Located in the beautiful lush tropical Baru Rainforest, within a few minutes’ drive to 8 fabulous beaches and 5 National Parks in the tropical Southern Region of Costa Rica, it provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation. 

There are other activities at Waterfall Villas, such as:

  1. Nature Lover's Eco-Journey. This is a specially designed package which includes a combination of 5 incredible nature tour and activities for you to restore your carbon footprint to the earth in a useful way.
  2. Honeymoon Packages.Escape with your soul mate for the most romantic getaway ever!
  3. Waterfall Wedding Destination.Waterfall Villas is the most exclusive wedding destination for small intimate weddings and for couples who would like to elope for a very intimate and meaningful ceremony completely surrounded by nature.
  4. Spa and Detox. Options include the Rejuvenation Package, Diva’s Detox, Juice Cleanse, Ultimate Revival and Transformation to Health.
  5. RAW Vegan Living Foods / or Vegan Adventure. We delight in creating energy conscious healing and nutritive creations for your enjoyment at the Waterfall Villas.

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