Do you feel stuck in your current situation?  Are you looking to start over?  Do you dream of escaping to a far away land to forget all of your troubles? 

Why not find yourself instead?

At Waterfall Villas Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica you are provided with a full and enriching vacation experience, with the most luxurious environment to detox, cleanse and reset, so that you are able to return to your life feeling refreshed, energized and empowered. 

Imagine yourself spending a morning at the beach, followed by a hike to Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls, nourishing yourself with gourmet health food, and ending your day with yoga over a private, pristine waterfall with the sounds of the rainforest to guide you. 

Built in a Balinese style and designed by a feng shuei master, Waterfall Villas is an intimate, romantic resort built atop some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica.  It is an ideal environment for you to detox with ease and comfort.  

Here we support you in pampering your body, mind, and spirit with a detox in Costa Rica and begin a journey toward better health and happiness.  

The benefits of detoxing our body are innumerable, but the most prominent are the healing of physical symptoms, calming the mind and releasing stagnant emotions.  With a proper detox plan you can begin to see your body reach a healthier state, clearing skin conditions, arthritis, headaches, hormonal imbalances, halitosis, candida and just to name a few.  Our minds also benefit by reducing stress, anxiety and mental activity.  Detoxing provides you with the clarity you need in order to reset your life and make changes toward a healthier life back home.

What is DETOX?

Just as our bodies know how to heal wounds and broken bones, they are also capable of healing illness and the side effects of stress.  Our bodies are always looking to be in a healthy balance, and in order to achieve this they must consistently eliminate toxins. A toxin is any poisonous substance in the body, and can come from many sources, from car exhaust to undigested food.  Their elimination happens naturally, without any effort on our part, as our kidneys, bladder, colon, skin, and liver do their role in eliminating anything the body cannot use.

If our bodies are so well adept in eliminating toxins, why, then, do we need to detox?  Due to our lifestyles and the present conditions of the environment, we are bombarded with more toxins than our bodies know how to handle.  Not only are there more pollutants in the air and water, but pesticides are being used more heavily, chemicals are used to create nearly all of the products we use, and so on. 

Not only are we overwhelmed with more external toxins than ever, we are not allowing our bodies the time they need in order to release those toxins.  We continuously burn the candle at both ends with our busy and active lives, rarely giving ourselves enough time to rest.  We eat dry, heavy foods which take a lot of our energy to digest, energy which the body could otherwise use to find balance. 

What is happening to our bodies?

We lack water in our diets, and we are severely dehydrated, as we cook most of the naturally occurring liquids out of our foods.  Many of us forget to drink enough water, yet even those who do drink enough can struggle with dehydration.  This systemic dehydration is due to years of consuming processed or overly cooked foods, salt, sugar, alcohol, impure or chlorinated water, stress and lack of proper sleep. 

Our bodies prioritize cellular hydration, so they will pull as much water as possible from the digestive track.  When we don't have enough water, the body pulls from digesting food, leaving food dry and difficult to digest. This leads to mild to severe constipation as well as the buildup of organic material in the intestines.  This "compaction" or "mucoid plaque" buildup can stick around in the intestines for years and quickly becomes toxic as it ferments and decomposes, leeching toxicity into our blood.  Not only does this cause discomfort and decreased vitality, but it is also linked to a repressed immune system and disease.

How can I detox?

Intestinal compaction can be removed, either slowly through diet and lifestyle change, or more quickly through ajuice cleanse.  Adjusting diet and lifestyle is a gentle approach, conducive to long term change, where fasting provides for transformative, immediate change.  Both certainly have their place, and compliment each other greatly.  At Waterfall Villas you can find the detox program that best suits your needs. 

The more we "clean up" our diets, the more energy our bodies will have for detoxing, leading to increased vitality and a more efficiently functioning body.  As we begin to eliminate processed foods, sugars and salt and increase the amount of  greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, we quickly begin to detoxify old material.  Because fruits and vegetables are high in water content, easily digested and loaded with fiber, they provide us with clean energy without overloading our digestive systems.  This provides our with plenty of energy to heal and eliminate.

Detoxing at Waterfall Villas 

At Waterfall Villas you have several detox options, including a juice cleanse, raw vegan, vegan and macrobiotic cleanses.  We can support you in properly choosing the best option for you.  We recommend using your time detoxing to create new habits and make any adjustments to our lifestyle which you feel are beneficial.  Perhaps going vegetarian, or even raw has resonated with you for a while.  There is no better time to prepare for and make this change than during your stay at Waterfall Villas. 

Whichever program you choose, you will leave the retreat center feeling light, clear and full of energy and vitality.  Being deeply immersed in nature at our beautiful retreat provides you with the ideal conditions to detox in luxury and comfort.  If you are interested in discussing the best option for your detox, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .