The word “detox” is used so much these days, you can’t even get through a trip to the grocery store without finding the word on a box of tea or a bottle of juice. You’ve likely heard of specific dieting and exercise programs designed to “detox” your system. If this word is so popular, from what, exactly, do we need to detox?


Do you need to detox in Costa Rica?

The answer is likely yes, but let’s first discuss what toxins you need to detox from.  A toxin is loosely defined as a poison causing disease. Hidden in this vague definition are at least five forms of toxins we encounter in our everyday lives:

  • Food – The standard American diet (abbreviated as SAD) is loaded with artificial sweeteners and preservatives which serve taste and convenience while deteriorating our physical and mental health. From the high levels of refined white sugar to the colors added to soft drinks (completely devoid of any genuine nutritive value), our bodies are asked to process a high quantity of substances it does not even recognize as food. The hormones and antibiotics injected into animals and, therefore, found in their flesh and byproducts, artificially raise our own hormone levels which can cause bodily and behavioral issues and weaken our immune system.


  • Household products – From cleaning supplies to air fresheners, there are products we purchase because they are advertised to us as making cleaning easier. Companies have produced bathroom cleaners which do an hour’s worth of scrubbing and elbow grease in a fraction of the time. The problem with this convenience is very harsh chemicals are required to clean so quickly which are then rinsed down the drain and into our water supply.When it comes to freshening up, those artificial fragrances in spray cans or popular scented candles emit toxins which may lead to varying levels of illness over time from headaches to cancer.


  • Skincare products – Several bathing products are made with sodium laurel sulfates which were originally used as industrial cleaning agents for breaking down pavement or cutting through grease on car parts. Your skin acts like a sponge and soaks up everything you rub into it – toxins and all!


  • Stress – The hustle and bustle of our modern age has given rise to a toxin modern researchers are taking more and more seriously. Toxic levels of stress are associated with various threatening conditions to include lower bone density, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, high blood pressure, decrease of immunity response to other toxins, etc.


  • Technology – Electronic devices have inspired one of the most startling new illnesses – disengaging from truly living life. The itch to check an app every five minutes or respond to every text instantaneously robs us of enjoying the present moment orbeing bored, daydreaming, listening to the person across the dinner table talking to us, etc.


Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica could be the perfect place to detox

detox experience costa ricaIn the beautiful and lush surroundings of Costa Rica, Waterfall Villas has a number of detox programs to customize towards your needs. You have the opportunity to leave your twitchy technology behind and bask in nature where, if you’re patient, you may spot the rare tapir who only arrives when the environment is healthy and balanced. Far away from work and responsibilities, you will have access to special yoga classes geared towards the ancient Ayurvedic art of physical detox through the practice of yoga postures and breathing techniques (not to mention a little sweat will seep toxins directly out of the skin).


Enjoy the benefits of a full detox in Costa Rica at Waterfall Villas

You can enjoy an aromatherapy massage in which only essential oils with no chemicals are utilized to detox and soothe your mind with the relaxing scents of lemon, lavender, etc. All of your meals are prepared for you using locally sourced, plant-based ingredients to relieve your body of the convenient, but, harmful processed foods on which you may lean back home. Waterfall Villas can also customize a juice fast to give your body a break from solid food while still taking in healthy daily nutrition requirements. In Costa Rica, you will have a chance to reset your body, mind, and spirit with a detox like none you will ever find in a tea box at the grocery store.