Vegan Detox Costa Rica Retreat for your Health

When you hear “vegan,” you likely already have a picture in your mind of a young, sensitive girl eating a salad while she grimaces through a family gathering at a steakhouse. While a few vegans may look like this, there’s a reason she’s the representative in your mind for a large, diverse group of people who simply took the information available to them to its logical conclusion.

TV shows and movies have depicted vegans as overly emotional, overly idealistic characters while meat-eaters are always the tough, strong guys. This contributes to the work of advertising companies who want to maintain normality around consuming animal flesh and byproducts. For the sake of “culture,” for “blending in” and not “putting anyone out,” the things on which you spend your money are your vote for what you want in this world and what you support. The globalization of diets laden with animal fats, byproducts, and secretions has voted to support the goals of companies who make a lot of money to literally make us sick.

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What the vegans of Costa Rica believe you deserve to know

The Standard American Diet (SAD) has spread across the globe like a catching illness. It’s hard to find a person in the U.S. who is not familiar with the food pyramid provided in schools which have us convinced the human body absolutely requires dairy and meat in order to be healthy. The nutrients most commonly linked, as you know, with a person’s health requirements are calcium and protein. When a vegan approaches someone with fortified soy or almond milk, she is told her “alternatives” are not the “real thing” to diminish plant-based foods as less “pure” than the animal source.

People are taught to believe the purest sources of calcium and protein derive from animals. What people are not taught is those nutrients only exist in the animal products they consume because the animals eat food which either naturally or through fortified supplementation contains those nutrients. What this means is the milk you drink only contains calcium because of the vitamins in cow feed.

Do you know how much calcium you need to stay healthy? It may be less than you think. Why do you need calcium? Most people were been taught only calcium builds strong bones. In a study researching the incidences of hip fractures (often linked to losing bone density), you would think a country which consumes nearly a full ton of dairy over the course of a year should have a low number of hip fractures.

This is not the case at all according to a study which placed the United States in a high ranking for hip fracture incidents when compared to other countries. What is even more interesting than this ranking is how the SAD compares to dietary cultures in places with fewer incidents of hip fractures. Africa has one of the lowest averages and, based on what Americans are taught in school, you might think they must consume more dairy than Americans.

The National Dairy Council recommends a daily intake of calcium in the form of cow’s milk at 1200 mg. African Bantu women only take approximately 350 mg of calcium per day. So, what’s going here? Not only do we likely require less calcium than the National Dairy Council, for whom there is great incentive to have people convinced they absolutely need dairy to be healthy, recommends, strong bones must not rely on calcium intake alone.


Trying a vegan detox retreat in Costa Rica will help your body absorb the amount of calcium it actually requires

The other factor which affects the bone health of African Bantu women is their low-protein diet.

What is actually helping the bone health of the African Bantu women, from a dietary standpoint, is their body’s ability to keep the nutrients from whatever calcium laden foods they do consume. The two nutrients which are most directly correlated to our ability to hold on to the calcium we eat in our food are protein and sodium. The higher the protein and sodium intake, the more calcium your body simply releases when you urinate.

It should stand to reason, in this case, that the less protein and sodium you consume, the more capable your body is of absorbing dietary calcium where it is most needed. For an extreme example on the other end of the spectrum, Eskimos have the highest dietary calcium intake on the planet – they consume more than 2000 mg per day from fish bones. Likewise, their diet is the highest in protein worldwide – they consume between 250 – 400 grams per day. You can probably guess what else they have – the highest rates of osteoporosis anywhere in the world.

Does this sound crazy to you? After all, we’ve been told our whole lives to eat our meat and dairy in order to grow up to be healthy and strong… sounds more like we’re harming our health by eating steak with a glass of milk. Why would the schools teach children something that’s not true?


You are smarter than the ad companies: What makes a vegan detox retreat essential to your health and well-being

You know where the nutrition information for schools derive? The industries which benefit from the consumption of animal products. Your educational materials on the food pyramid were most likely provided by the National Dairy Council.

More money than you can dream up is poured into advertising for the meat and dairy industry. You’ve probably seen the “Got Milk?” campaigns with flashy celebrities smiling white, toothy smiles beneath a milk mustache. These celebrities likely have no idea how much danger they place on public health by endorsing dairy products – they just get a really fat check in the mail.

Flashy, well-worded advertisements keep up convinced we can only be sexy, smart, athletic, and popular if we consume certain products. They convince us something is missing from our lives which couldn’t be further from the truth (if you’re talking about meat and cheese). We do not live in a society of lack – the diseases from which we suffer are diseases of affluence. We buy into eating too much meat and dairy and we’re clogging up the pathways for blood flow and healthy nutrient absorption. Obesity is not the product of a protein deficiency.

A well-balanced, whole foods diet is the optimal formula for a body capable of absorbing dietary nutrients. A sufficient amount of plant-based protein (yes, plants have protein!) and the other essential vitamins and minerals is the honest pyramid for health.

And, if you ever wonder what companies have to gain from pushing vegetables, don’t waste your time. There’s not at all a comparable amount of money in healthy, sustainable foods. If someone’s pushing broccoli, there are no corporate officers getting rich off the government subsidies and stocks related to the meat and dairy industries.


If a vegan detox sounds extreme, consider the alternative…

Does stripping your diet of all meat, dairy, and eggs sound extreme? Considering the effect animal products can have on your health, the answer is a more obvious, “No,” than you may think.

You now know animal products clog up cells, blood vessels, and your colon. Eventually, this is going to back up on a person and it could lead to the operating room. Considering the typical bypass surgery involves cutting into the patient’s leg for a cleaner vein to sew onto a struggling heart, a shift in diet sounds a lot easier.

A healthy level of cholesterol is below 150; however, the average American living off the SAD has a level of approximately 210 largely due to dietary cholesterol (your body makes all the cholesterol you need – you don’t need to eat more of it!). Lacto-ovo vegetarians in America average at a cholesterol level of 160. And vegans? 130.

The good news is a vegan diet can actually be used as treatment for heart disease. A study conducted by testing the effects of dietary changes on cholesterol levels and improved heart health proved conclusively eschewing meat is highly effective in reversing the damage done by years of eating animal flesh. This study furthermore proved a patient could elect a vegan diet over bypass surgery to reverse the effects of years of unhealthful eating.


The Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica include a cancer-fighting healthful option in their vegan detox retreat package

The disease which causes all spirits to fall is cancer. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment (in terms of the pH level inside your body) and there is nothing more acidic than animal products. On the other hand, raw plant foods are the fountain of youth. Raw vegetables, leafy greens, certain fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains wash your entire system with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, and oxygen – these alkaline forces are cancer’s worst nightmare.

According to Dr. Otto Warburg and his Nobel Prize winning studies on the metabolism of cancer cells, he discovered, “Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body’s cells by an anaerobic (oxygen deficient) cell respiration.” This means cancer cells cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.

In Costa Rica, the Waterfall Villas has access to a variety of delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables all locally sourced to provide both raw and cooked vegan meals which will begin the healthful process of flushing out the highly acidic leftovers in your body. In order to provide an exotic, yet, healthful detox retreat, the Waterfall Villas seeks to provide the highest quality diet without sacrificing flavor and enjoyment.


Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica provides more than a beautiful getaway to try out a vegan detox retreat

When you join us in Costa Rica for a vegan detox retreat, the majority of your meals are prepared for you; however, you will learn to make it in our cooking workshops. These classes are designed to help our clients bring their new healthful discoveries back home. We will help you apply all your new lessons about nutrient intake to give your bones a fighting chance. The best defense against osteoporosis is not higher calcium intake – it’s actually exercise. When you come to Costa Rica for a vegan detox retreat, you will have access to yoga classes which will challenge your body in ways to build up your resistance to disease and increase your release of toxins. We invite you to the beautiful, tropical setting of Costa Rica to jumpstart your journey towards a longer, healthier life.