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Challenge is always to make a creative multi use of our
Veggies at the Waterfall Villas.
Then these amazingly large mushrooms just arrived from the Diamante Valley organic growers and I just had to fill them !
The first step is to prepare nuts and I’d like to use walnuts as they combine nicely with veggies to create a textured filling –
The vegetable I’m going to use is the cauliflower as I would like a versatile veg that soaks up flavors and has texture 😉
I roast the Cauliflower with sage , and a bit of Braggs or coconut aminos and Gram Marsala spice – even alone is a wonderful complementary veg to a vegan bowl or salad 🙂
Walnuts are soaked for about 30 minutes and then rinsed and toasted just to dry.

Add them when cool to a Cuisinart food processor with the S blade in place: the walnuts, some fresh thyme leaves and a tablespoon of your favorite curry and 3 not so sweet dates 🙂 My favorite curry is produced fresh local and organic right here in Costa Rica at the Villa Vanilla in Londres – Quepos .




Pulse these first, and then add your roasted Cauliflower just delicately browning at the edges …from 20 minutes to 30 at 350.



Pulse in the roasted cauliflower – viola a rich filling !
Add a heaping tablespoon of nutritional yeast, some hemp seeds, chopped parsley, red onion and some yellow bell pepper – and mix by hand and pile up the filling nice and rounded over the mushrooms.





These can be roasted with other veggies to make a complete vegan plate 😉 and I placed a slice of vegan cheeze over the mushroom for the last couple minutes in the oven to get a guey lush effect 😉