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 This casserole is easy to make and it goes great with a salad and any kind of vegetales . It tastes totally awesome and is vegan gluten free too !

The first step is wash and peel the sweet potatoes . I used 8 smallish sweet potatoes.

Cut the sweet potatoes in chunks and place them in salted water to boil until done –
Save 1/2 cup of the cooking water – mash with a fork in a bowl with the water.

Cut up the pineapple into small chunks and heat in a skillet with a little bit of  maple syrup or agave until brownish tinged on both sides 🙂 carful not to burn so you have to turn frequently.

Once it is all golden place a cup of almond milk in the skillet and stir – cook until boils and then turn off to cool.

Add to the mashed up the sweet potatoes turning until the milk and the pineapple is well integrated into the sweet potatoes.

Place all the mixture into a Pyrex I line mine with unbleached parchment paper and a little light olive oil on the bottom. Cover the top of the casserole with cinnamon powder .Yumm!!!
Place in the oven for 45 minutes until the smell is fantastic and serve 🙂  

You are really going to enjoy this staple at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica !