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About US Owners

Living in different countries, worlds apart, and headed into completely different paths. The one thing that the founders had in common, in their hearts was an intention to save some of the rain forest. Why was this an important theme in their lives? The key change had been in life style – becoming Vegan and relying on plant based nutrition.

Fateh Kaur Bolivar

Fateh became Vegan because she healed herself using Yoga and diet from chronic asthma and back issues; her partner became a Vegan to cure his allergies and general well-being. Once they were able to detox, and became in their minds and souls, they were pushed on by the realization that the rain forest is in fact, the lungs of the world. They knew that without the oxygen from these more and more rare habitats – the world was not going to be able to recuperate from the onslaught of carbon dioxide and other toxins flowing out from the modern world. This new life style change and the awareness for our environment that comes with that took them in an alternate path that eventually would wind up putting them together in one of the worlds greatest natural treasures: Costa Rica.

About Us: Owners of Waterfall Villas Costa Rica Detox Vegan Yoga Retreat

Fateh did not know where she was going to end up at that time, it could be saving rain forest in any part of the world, while her partner, as a Costa Rican knew that this rain forest he would save would have to be in his beloved Costa Rica. He was an integral part of the creation of “Green Hotels of Costa Rica” and his insight gave us the background to create a new eco-hotel concept the right way from the ground up rather than a conversion.

About Us: Owners of Waterfall Villas Costa Rica Detox Vegan Yoga Retreat

It was there that they met, and once they poured out their inner most beliefs to each other, they knew they had to be together for this journey – to heal, so save the rain forests and to help others find their way back to health and restore the planet. Soon after, Fateh sold everything she owned in the USA and moved to Costa Rica where it was as if the Universe had heard their prayers, because the Waterfall Villas property with the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls was recommended by a friend and was never on the market. There was nothing there yet except rain forest, animals and extraordinarily beautiful waterfalls. It was then up to them to figure out the smallest foot print of construction to create their dream into this magnificent forest to make a place that could be shared and create a wellness center for Yoga, Detox, introducing the Vegan life style, and to create an awareness of the magnificent nature of Costa Rica and the healing. Soon a group of like-minded healers also moved into the same vicinity, and these persons work with the Waterfall Villas providing many healing modalities.

Fateh also brings groups to Bali to work with her healer every year! See the Bali Retreat section. And alternate years to India where she partners with spiritual leaders.See India Retreat section

Fateh Kaur Bolivar is an X-CEO from the stressed out software business. Now making Costa Rica home, she is a Top Vegan & Raw Foods Chef, and Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. “Waterfall Villas is like a dream in Tropical luxury with incredible attention to detail that you will find astounding. The Waterfall Villas are an example of the most luxurious accommodations in Costa Rica with an eco-flair.” Fateh has had a passion for cooking since she adolescence, she spent 5 years training her local Costa Rican cooks the magic of Vegan and Raw after a lifetime of international experience in the kitchen.

About Us: Owners of Waterfall Villas Costa Rica Detox Vegan Yoga Retreat

Having traveled the tropical world and influenced by the Balinese architecture, Fateh decided that the native peoples must have lived in harmony with nature, and that the best example of tropical architecture today where there is a blending and harmony with nature is found on the island of Bali. That became the theme for the Waterfall Villas to be in balance with nature and the people of Costa Rica.