Meet the Owner

Monica Augustine Sunrise Balcony

With a journey spanning two decades, Monica Augustine emerged from an underrepresented minority women community in conservative southern India to the heart of innovation, Silicon Valley. Weathering challenges, she held steadfast to her dream, fostering a deep belief in global equality and the need to maintain equilibrium in the human-environment ecosystem.

Monica Augustine IT Philips

In the IT industry, she contributed to the tech landscape, imprinting her mark on innovation. Her experiences led her to a mission of ‘Enabling and Making Possible,’ whether spearheading transformations in companies or passionately working for her non-profit, Achamillai Inc., dedicated to visually impaired individuals.

Monica Augustine River Waterfall Nature

In the lush jungles of Costa Rica, captivated by the ‘Pura Vida’ essence, she discovered Waterfall Villas and its alignment with her ethos. Now, she eagerly embarks on a new chapter, intertwining her passion for holistic living with the pursuit of touching lives, bridging the gap between purposeful being and a holistic lifestyle.


*The owner does not reside on-site, and there is no continuous supervision or hands-on assistance, except in the case of a medical emergency. Waterfall Villas caters to adults who are expected to independently explore and research unsupported, non-inclusive natural methods, such as self-administered enemas. While we provide the space for personal enema applications and the associated health benefits, we do not provide colonics as part of our services.