Eco-consciousness is something the world and everyone in it should strive towards. How we treat our environment will eventually effect us all, and if we are respectful as we work with the environment, we will enhance our whole life experience.

At the Waterfall Villas, we take care of a unique waterfall system, which means we have to put in place various procedures to protect the living water for future generations of animals, and plants. This incredible waterfall ecosystem is part of our rainforest, and our most critical objective is to preserve the rainforest, including the animals that live here in Costa Rica. 

That also means working with the people who live here, and the government to be one of the selected properties for animal relocation and release in this part of the rainforest – the designated biological corridor of the Tapir.  We are very proud to have trained an all local staff.  Our staff of local people whose lives have become enriched by the experience of working with the Waterfall Villas, and understanding what it means to be eco-conscious and sustainable. Most other establishments, that serve Vegan food simply hire foreigners, and volunteers that come to Costa Rica for a few months. So while it might be very challenging at times to talk some Spanish with local people remember YOU are doing your part in helping the village here ! While it is very lucrative for hotel and retreat owners to hire volunteers, it is not a sustainable practice. So do be patient with our staff – as they are quite excellent at what they do, but they might not speak perfect English. That is a small price to pay if you really care about sustainability, and giving back to the people, well the people who this land really belongs to – the Costa Ricans!

Organic gardening

Of course, learning that we are what we eat is a very important part of the training to our staff here. Waterfall Villas is a passionate supporter of all organic and ecological methods of growing organic produce, and supports a plant based diet foremost. We support the local organic farmers of this area and are picking especially the best produce for your consumption.

The industries that cut down rain forest, are primarily those that provide animal protein to the world. These industries are the reason for many a rain forest distinction. The Waterfall Villas believes that to be totally free of hypocrisy in the proclamation of saving the rain forest and maintaining a green and sustainable eco-hotel, one cannot at the same time add to its demise by supporting industries that are eliminating what is left of the rain forest in Costa Rica to graze cattle. For this reason no land based nor farmed and cultivated animals are served as food at the Waterfall Villas – without exception:)Nauyaca Adventure Tours

Maintaining a balance with the environment also requires that we do not kill off all of the insects and animals that live in the forest, but rather try to create the environment where over populations or other imbalances do not happen. That requires allot of knowledge about the forest and how to maintain a balance. We are constantly learning, and are very happy to have created such a balanced environment. Creating an eco-conscious relationship with nature is the key to a healthy connected, and grounded existence on this planet.

Costa Rica Waterfall Villas Sustainability of Rain Forest

The Waterfall Villas has been created in the Balinese style, which is in our observation of tropical habitats, the closest to a harmonious tropical living that we have found the world over. Our construction uses natural materials – many that have been found on the property, ensures us a balance in the tropics where humidity and heat can be a factor to contend with.

sunset from waterfall Villas

As a sustainable eco-retreat in Costa Rica, the Waterfall Villas, also invites our guests to understand that living in the rain forest requires patience with a thrid world country. We do our utmost best to provide the best services to our customers, however, there are regular outages of cell lines and Internet (also a bit slower than you may be used to) or if an AC breaks down over the weekend – you can be sure a technician won’t show up until Monday. Only 18 years ago when we first came here, we didn’t even dream about having these conveniences in this part of Costa Rica, however, technological progress is slowly arriving to our tropical jungle.

Top of the Waterfall at the Wellness Center

The Waterfall Villas is not a place where people should come to work on their holiday, but rather unplug from the world out there. Reconnect to your loved ones and make commitments and further your relationships to deeper intimacy. This is the place to return to nature, and find out who you really are… not what you do. Connection to the soul is best in a place of nature. Everywhere is a sight of awesome natural delight if you just look…