The Dragonfly Suite I is in the Dragonfly Villa an exclusive rainforest canopy experience with 2 separate Dragonfly Suites – that together can accommodate up to 6 persons. The Dragonfly Suite I can accommodate up to 3 persons. The Dragonfly Villa is at the closest point to the drop off of our Waterfalls!.

dragonfly suite 1 waterfall villas

The dragonfly symbolizes breaking free from illusion, and supports the process of balancing your life’s energy. Raised high into the canopy you will find yourself immersed in Costa Rican nature! Relax to the sound of the waterfalls and feel the transformation bring you total rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.

Dragonfly Suite 1 Villa Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica

The Dragonfly Villa is designed in the ecological spirit with the least carbon foot print – this space is great to detox and restore balance! Comfortable and luxurious both Suites The Dragonfly I and II have a fabulous Balinese Wantilan roof also called a cathedral ceiling – that gives natural ventilation, along with the tropical ceiling fans and an Ionic air cooling system – so refreshing! The ceiling is 15 ft high! This Carbon Neutral building uses a naturally fallen red cedar for the ceiling in this wonderfully designed Villa with natural Bamboo molding carefully craved by hand. Natural lava stone and marble detailing in the bathrooms with ceramic, glass, and marble mosaic artwork of underwater flowers and soft corals with a seahorse.

Dragonfly Suite 1 Villa Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica

Specially selected wood carving work from Bali, and paintings of orchids of Costa Rica for an added Feng Shui flowing feeling…

The villa is equipped with an exceptionally large covered terrace with comfortable chairs to immerse you into the rainforest’s canopy energy hanging over the top of the falls.

Dragonfly Suite 1 Villa Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica

The Villa can be occupied as separate suites or as a full two-bedroom, 2-bath villa. Each suite with separate entrance. Extra fold out sofa couch bed(s) available for groups of 5 or 6.

Dragonfly Suite I (2 persons / 3):

  • Bamboo 4-post canopied Queen size bed.
  • Private Zen style bathroom.
  • Sitting area with Balinese Teak Opium table, meditation cushions.
  • Sofa couch – also as a fold-out double bed.
  • 15 feet of private covered wood terrace facing the orchid gorge and the waterfalls.
  • Mini Fridge.
  • Ceiling fan and ionic air cooling.

Dragonfly Suite 1 Villa Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica

Our suites are provided with bath and beach towels, shampoo and conditioner, water pitcher, coffee and teas.