The Waterfall Villas has the following facilities:

Waterfall Villas Facilities | Detox ,Wellness Spa, Raw Foods, Vegan Costa Rica

  • Wellness Spa – full massage treatments and facial menu.
  • Yoga Shala with Bamboo canopy.
  • Vegan , gluten-free, raw foods detox kitchen & meal service.
  • Waterfall Dining area.
  • Relax areas in covered open air pavilion Balinese style.
  • Waterfall Lounge areas for sun bathing and relaxation.
  • Nature trails.
  • Waterfall Decks.
  • Hammocks over the waterfalls and in the rain forest.

waterfall villas facilities

The Waterfall Villas are located just minutes from Dominical Beach in the Baru Tropical Rainforest!.

Look closely and you will see that the forest is teaming with life, Costa Rica a concentrate for life giving chi. Open your eyes and you will receive a gift from nature everyday at Waterfall Villas. Discover our breathtaking rock carved waterfalls! As an iridescent butterfly flashes by or a rare colored frog jumps along the well marked paths (sendero) you will hear the rushing waters healing your soul and the bird song freeing your spirit.


Past the Waterfall Villas you are immediately in our very own Nature reserve in the Baru Tropical Rainforest and part of the OSA corridor stretching to the Corcovado National Park. Here we plant rare and indigenous rainforest trees for future generations and also monkey food trees to ensure that the wildlife is happy and healthy!.

A short walk up the path across the waterfall past giant tree ferns and the blue gingers takes you into a forest of Amarion trees where wonderful bird watching and many animals will cross your path.

The first sendero across the path to the grove of giant yellow bamboo will take you to our Spiritual Yoga Shala, also used for Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Beyond the center are the first two waterfalls, and then past the a third natural spring waterfall. In the misty light at the top before crossing…look closely to see the shape of a lotus formed by the spray of the largest of the falls this is Shivas the fourth waterfall!.


Take time to meditate with Shiva’s Waterfall Energy and let the water’s healing power realign your mind to nature’s frequency. Following the path beyond the you will reach the enclave of the second sacred pond of Adi Shakti and the trilogy waterfall at the west end. Beyond this point you will arrive at a magical green bamboo forest. A further trail will take you through the rainforest.

Following the path up hill, just a short hike, you will encounter the breathtaking scenery of the Baru River with its spectacular surrounding mountains of an adjoining Biological reserve. At this falcon’s vantage point, there is nothing but nature for as far as you can see!.

We invite you to discover the ultimate healing journey! .Detox, and Renew in Balinese style…