The south pacific region of Costa Rica boasts five very large and diverse Natural Reserves protecting an immense number of plants and animals as well as presenting the opportunity for you to discover some of the most exotic and bio-diverse areas of the planet.

Our service includes organizing for you all of the amazing tours and adventures you would like to experience in our area – the exotic South Pacific of Costa Rica. The Waterfall Villas is within 30 minutes drive to 8 different beaches, and 5 National Parks.

8 Beaches:

  • Dominical Beach – a long stretch of beach which has beautiful shells and palm trees
  • Dominicalito – the end of the Beach where there are many rock formations
  • Baru Reserve Beach
  • Amancio Beach – beyond Dominicalito this is a very special beach with rock formations and tide pools
  • Hermosa Beach – beautiful stretch of golden sand lined with palm trees
  • Ventanas Beach – blow holes and caves in a palm lined cove
  • Marine Ballena National Park Beach
  • Manuel Antonio Beach – inside and outside of the park

Dominical Beach sunset

5 National Parks:

  • Baru Rainforest Reserve w/ zipline and bird watching – 10 minutes
  • Manuel Antonio National Beach Park w/ Guided nature tours – 30 min
  • Whale Marine National Park in Uvita  – 15 minutes
  • Cano Island Reserve 1.5 hours by boat – Day Tour
  • Corcovado National Park 1 hour entrance by boat in OSA – Day Tour

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park

Our guided tour with an English speaking guide that has a telescope and the best knowledge of all the animals in the park is at your service – $100 per person ( 2 min) includes transportation. This beach park is right at the water’s edge with a lovely white sand beach and lots of monkeys! So be sure to take your bathing suit – but watch all your belongings carefully for the monkeys!

Baru Biological Reserve

Beaches & National Parks

Has an amazing biodiversity and is only a few minutes north of Waterfall Villas on the road direction Quepos. The guides lead you through one of the most interesting rain forests of the world.

Ballena Marine National Reserve

Ballena Marine National Reserve

Includes several fabulous beaches and Las Tres Hermanitas islands only 12 km south taking about a 25 minute drive from Cascadas Farallas. Ballena means “whale” in Spanish and the park exhibits a very mystical land formation of a “whale’s tail” that is visible at low tide.

The Whale Mating and Birthing season is about to begin!!! July marks the return of over 200 humpback whales to the Southern region of Costa Rica!!! Best chance of a sighting is August – September!
The park is also a reproduction site for humpback whales during Costa Rica’s winter months from August  – Oct. At low tide you will spot an unusual green iguana that feeds on marine algae. The cliffs around the park’s coastline are nesting ground for frigate birds and the sea earwig.

If you prefer to drive yourself it’s an easy road to the Ballena Reserve. Waterfall Villas can prepare you a special picnic lunch for your pleasure.

Cano Island Reserve

Cano Island Reserve

Has the most incredible diving and snorkeling in Costa Rica with 65 feet visibility. White sand beaches and crystalline water are only 15km from the shores of the Ballena National Park and only 1 hour south from the Waterfall Villas. Here you can swim with dolphins, see turtles, glimpse at manta rays, and bask in vibrant colors amongst a plethora of tropical fish. This boat tour is spectacular!

Corcovado National Park

Is the habitat for monkeys, jaguar, puma, tapir and many endangered species. A bird lover’s paradise this park has over 400 bird varieties including the Scarlet Macaw.
About 2.5 hrs from Waterfall Villas by car and boat, with a three hour hike into the jungle it is a full day trip of a lifetime.

Other parks include:


Just 2 kilometers from Waterfall Villas is a preservation and awareness park for rare reptiles. Going there is a wonderful way to learn about bio-diversity.

Quetzal National Park

Quetzal National Park

Is a very seldom visited park – newly appointed by the government this National Park is the home to the quetzal – the sacred bird of the Mayan peoples. Birthing occurs in April and Waterfall Villas offers a guided hike in this park 1 hr drive to start of tour.

The Southern Coast of Costa Rica is also where you will find many interesting beaches all very close to the Waterfall Villas.

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