The concept of “vacation” is rife with condescending sentiments of disdain thanks to the over-glorification of tying self-worth to back-breaking work “ethic.” This cycle of endless output, however, may actually rob you of your capacity for quality performance, productivity, and overall satisfaction in the work place.

Science has taken an unbiased approach to evaluating the benefits of travel and unearthed these three reasons you’re going to want to start packing tomorrow without any guilt whatsoever.

#1: Taking one of the best wellness retreats in Costa Rica may decrease the risk of depression.

As the news will attest on a regular basis, depression claims the lives of far too many people in America alone;the statistics on the leading causes of death in America make this discussion frighteningly relevant. Among other methods for addressing the wide variations of depression, travel may actually alleviate some of the symptoms.

Keep in mind, travel is absolutely not a cure for something as serious as depression; however, anyone familiar with the potentially crippling effects of this disease can imagine any form of relief or method for decreasing the likelihood of experiencing it is helpful.

A study conducted by the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin found women who took vacation at least twice per year were less likely to suffer from chronic stress or depression. An added benefit to staving off the development of depression or managing the symptoms at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica is the chance to experience a yoga retreat.


As the evidence for the health benefits of yoga mounts, the Waterfall Villas offers the best yoga retreats of 2018 for practitioners of all levels.

The serene natural environment of the Costa Rica rainforest is ideal for a healing retreat as guests are led by expertly trained yoga teachers and properly supported by the all-inclusive programs for accommodations, classes, locally sourced vegan and vegetarian meals, and spa treatments.


#2: A luxury Costa Rica retreat may improve the state of your heart and overall health.

The Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and the Global Commission on Aging collaborated on a study seeking to find how travel boosts overall health. They discovered men and women who travel at least twice per year demonstrate notably lower risk of experiencing a heart attack than those who travel once every six years or more. For men in particular, not taking at least one vacation from work per year displays a 30% increase of the risk of heart disease.

Here, again, those who find a yoga vacation package in Costa Rica double the positive impact on this statistic as yoga has displayed capable of improving cardiovascular health.

The Waterfall Villas hosts all-inclusive yoga retreats and beginner yoga retreats appropriately staffed with thoughtful, experienced professionals who are available to meet with you ahead of time to address your various health concerns and customize your program accordingly.

Stress is a red-handed culprit when it comes to exacerbating symptoms relating to potential mental and physical health problems. Yes, there’s always the potential for stress at the airport, but, several studies demonstrate how vacation eases a busy mind.

86% of people who take time to travel reported a higher level of satisfaction with life than the 75% of people who do not use their vacation time. Even the act of planning the vacation, just anticipating the time off, diffuses stress, as determined through theresearch conducted by Cornell University.


The Waterfall Villas offers multiple spa treatments to relieve tension and stress; yoga classes also provide space for clearing the mind and rejuvenating the spirit.

An all-inclusive yoga spa retreat in Costa Rica will also provide all of your meals; this means the chores of daily life are erased.You have nothing to do, nowhere to go, no choices to make; you need only arrive and your prearranged itinerary will guide you to rest and relaxation.


#3: Experiencing the best wellness retreats at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica may provide a needed boost in productivity and creativity.

The act of getting out of your familiar environment fires up a part of your brain in need of fresh challenges to be fed. Professor Adam Galinsky of Columbia Business School has written several studies revealing the correlation between international travel and creativity. In his research, Galinsky believes it’s not enough to head to the mountains for a long weekend; international travel forces the traveler to engage purposefully with his or her surroundings.


Taking yoga retreats to the Caribbean or taking a transformation retreat to Costa Rica could be just what the doctor ordered.

The Harvard Business Review offered an in depth perspective on how all the combined health benefits of taking a break from work boosts productivity (and, perhaps, chance of promotion) when you return.

The replenishing benefits of time in a new landscape could provide just the right balance of fresh new sights and culture to fuel your creativity for your return to work.The Waterfall Villas offers guided tours of lush rainforests and parks where you will enjoy sightings of exotic plants and wildlife. A Costa Rica health retreat at the Waterfall Villas could include zip-line activity tours of the rainforest or a delectable, raw vegan lunch enjoyed outside by one of the private waterfalls.


Taking a transformational retreat in Costa Rica has the potential to shake up your routine and help you uncover your potential.

The Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica was ultimately created to blur the line between enjoyment and promoting good health. The natural environment of the grounds and all of the many all-inclusive amenities and rejuvenating offerings at the Waterfall Villas are designed specifically with the desire to help guests feel refreshed and guilt-free for indulging in the exotic sights, tastes, and sounds of Costa Rica.