Detox Costa Rica

Taking time for yourself for a detox to cleanse the body at least 2 times per year gives very measurable results in your health. Releasing all the residual toxins and pollution of cities and a busy life gives you a fresh start to put your health on track once again. Here at the Waterfall Villas we have the perfect environment to host and support your detoxification from the everyday world out there.

 Detox Costa Rica | Fresh and Healing Cuisine at Waterfall Villas

Detox packages include either juice fasting or 3 specially crafted meals per day and additionally include fresh coconut water, fresh prepared Noni, and Green Goddess Smoothies with fresh picked organic kale. Exotic fruit plates, tofu scrambles, fresh made granolas, chia seed porridge, and fresh coconut cream as healthy breakfast alternatives.

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Detox menu includes 3 detox meals, 2 Green drinks (pure extracted Kale with celery, cucumber, apple and lemon) – if you are only fasting on green juice with no meals you can have up to 8 green juice per day, green coconuts, fresh noni and smoothies may be served at other times in between meals if not drinking green drinks. Detox tea is included in the afternoons.

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Detox meals can vary in % of raw foods incorporated, we often recommend to try a raw meal in the day and a cooked vegan meal in the evening. This gives you allot of vitamins and minerals from a natural plant-based diet as well as a comforting cooked meal in the evening for a good night sleep. Another option is to juice during the day, and eat a raw food meal at night. Some of our guest have very good results with this combination. In our calming, relaxing environment you will be able to try some different options, and also super foods, and experience what works for you.

Detox menus and packages can be designed to combat autoimmune issues, diabetes (transitional raw food sugar balancing diet), addictions and other rehabilitation, or recuperation from surgery or other stressful life events.

If you would like to try our Detox Menu is $95 per day for a single person. (Tax 13% not included). Please indicate in advance if you have any allergies to foods.

*If you are not on a detox package any detox item is additional:

Green drinks are $12 each

Coconuts $4 each

Smoothies $8 each

Detox tea is $5 each

Detox meal plans allow us to individually serve our guests with the utmost care to special dietary requirements. Your menu is a personal selection discussed with you at the beginning of your stay.

In addition to Detoxing, you can also try healing meal plans that are based on either the Macrobiotic or Ayurveda traditions of healing.

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The word Macrobiotic was coined by Hippocrates, the father of medicine nearly 2,500 years ago and it means “long life”. Macrobiotic cooking relies on local ingredients and is non-evasive to the environment and to your body. This way of eating brings an alkalinity balance and oxygenates the cells in a gentle way with cooked foods.

Ayurveda food preparation considers body types of each individual as a combination of the elements in an ancient healing system for balancing these elements in the body that was taught in India for about 5 thousand years. Ayurveda meals incorporate dozens of fresh spices and are very flavorful in comparison to other healing lifestyles.

Ayurveda can be also used in gluten free or soy free diet and makes use of garbanzo bean flour to make a variety of bread-like foods.

Only fresh food is served! We cater to intolerance to dairy, gluten / wheat, salt, soy or any allergy.

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ALL meals must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance. Our meal service is an important part of your Healing Journey! Delicious gourmet meals with the freshest and purest ingredients are offered to guests in Bistro style (one set daily menu which is changed every day).  We have a meals service that allows us to prepare fresh daily meals when there are requests for meals. We do not store foods or prepare in advance. Please let us know your dietary requirements as we have a personalized chef service.