Vegan Cuisine & Cooking Classes in Costa Rica

Organic Vegan foods are the new medicine for humanity. Vegan Costa Rica through a proper balance of fruits, vegetables, and grains anyone can become healthy. At the Waterfall Villas we have been blessed by a few culinary wizards who have added richness to our Vegan menu and our team. Our two local chefs have been hand-trained as part of our sustainability program and have now been with the Waterfall Villas 5 years making mouth watering delights. Our chef is a Top Vegan & Raw Foods Chef and the owner of the Waterfall Villas – you may find her in the kitchen if she’s not teaching Yoga! She has had a passion for cooking since adolescence. She has traveled all over the world and made it a special mission to learn ethnic cooking by learning family secrets with locals in all the countries she visited – world cuisine is her forte. She spent 5 years training her local Costa Rican cooks the magic of Vegan cooked and Raw Vegan after a lifetime of international experience in the kitchen, a volume of classes, and converting her experience to her now Vegan life style. When you visit the Waterfall Villas your meals are created with love and heart and we will care for your every allergy or sensitivity.


Vegan Costa Rica - Organic Vegan Cuisine at Waterfall Villas



The Waterfall Villas promotes healthy life styles for a happy world. We believe that what people eat is the key to achieving sustainability on the planet, and is crucial to what Saving the Rain forest is all about.

You will discover how wonderful healthy live foods and fresh foods can taste! You will have the opportunity to try many tropical delights from our rain forest. The produce is hand picked from highland organic farms – we buy only from local organic farmers where a unique micro-climate facilitates the most tasty veggies and fruits imaginable. Fresh farm-to-table foods are delicious and we are dedicated to proving that to the most skeptic guest. This is a Healing Journey and you will experience tropical flavors and textures that you are sure to treasure…tasting is believing!


vegan costa ricaThe Waterfall Villas specializes in Vegan meals. All the kitchen staff is very passionate about promoting a plant based diet and introducing people to the most wonderful meals so that they would consider adopting a greater portion of Vegan meals in their life.

Enjoy the most fresh variety of organic foods that Costa Rica has to offer!

The Waterfall Villas is famous for its Vegan Cuisine – Now offering a special Vegan cooking / Raw Vegan Retreat package during select days when we can offer the kitchen.

If you visit during JULY then you will participate during the peak of the exotic tropical fruit season to learn some of our most secret recipes and techniques for tropical cooking preparations.






The Vegan Cooking Retreat package includes a luxury suite and all the meals for the 5 nights, with 3 cooking classes crafted to give you a full spectrum of our Vegan specialties. Giving you one free day to explore the beaches or see animals at the national park.

Each day you will learn how easy it is to get on the path to health as a Vegan, and save the planet!


Becoming Vegan is a sure way to become healthier, loose unwanted pounds, reduce stress and experience more energy in your daily life. You will be loving every minute of your new Vegan lifestyle when you learn how to cook in the Waterfall Villas way.  Featuring our World Fusion Cuisine using all fresh ingredients. Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean, and local Costa Rican meals will be featured. The class is taught by our top chefs.  The class meals can include incredible deserts, gluten free cooking, Keto Vegan… you just tell us what you want to learn and I will customize for you!  WE do not use  sugar here and learning about healthy sweeteners is a part of the class – everything will be demonstrated in the classes, and you have a chance to pitch in as much as you want.

The 3 classes included are held in the mornings, and our lunches will be of an assortment of what we have made. Classes can be customized… for example, if Italian is your thing, just let me know and we will customize the classes for you! In the afternoons, you are free to enjoy our spa offerings, or go to discover the palm lined beaches of southern Costa Rica, or one of the many adventure tours. The southern region of Costa Rica has everything Costa Rica has to offer in one place.

The class will be customized depending on which of the many styles you would like to learn about 🙂

During this retreat, you will also have included a trip to the local all organic market, and that means you need to include a Tuesday preferable at the beginning of the retreat. So try arriving the Sunday or Monday of the week you are visiting us.

The Waterfall Villas is a boutique Balinese style Hotel with private waterfalls next to the villas in the Baru Rainforest of Costa Rica, 3 miles from the beach at Dominical. Located in the South Pacific of Costa Rica the Waterfall Villas is committed to saving the rain forest and a promoting a Vegan life style. Eating next to the sounds of the waterfalls in our open air covered pavilion is a truly wonderful dining experience!

Total cost is $1,299.00 per Single person for the 5 night retreat in private suite. Couples sharing a Suite $2,400.00 for the package as described above.

Vegan Costa Rica

The Waterfall Villas offers many packages with meals. However, if you order outside of our special package offers the prices are as follows:

Vegan Lunch is $30 per person with a fresh made beverage. Please indicate in advance if you would like a raw gourmet meal or gluten free.

Vegan Dinner unless you are on a detox program – dinner at the Waterfall Villas is a 3 course gourmet meal with entree, main course, and a healthy desert with a fresh made beverage included. Dinners are $48 pp (Taxes 13% and service charges apply for a 23% total if not included in your package ).

Please indicate in advance if you would like a Detox program, raw gourmet meal or gluten free, or Keto Vegan – please see those sections for pricing and details.

vegan costa rica

ALL meals must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance if you are not on a specific meal package.

Our meal service is an important part of your Healing Journey! Delicious gourmet meals with the freshest and purest ingredients are offered to guests in Bistro style (one set daily menu which is changed every day). We have a meals service that allows us to prepare fresh daily meals when there are requests for meals. We do not store foods or prepare in advance. Please let us know your dietary requirements as we have a personalized chef service.

Offering on request or as part of our specialty packages: Gluten-free, macrobiotics, Keto Vegan, Ayurvedic Dosha balancing meals (with personalized analysis), Detox, and sugar free / & salt free meals.