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Detoxification can be defined as the act of abstaining from and ridding the body of toxins. While you’ve probably heard the word “detox” connected to self-imposed periods of fasting (and, therefore, prolonged periods of hunger punctuated by gulping down glasses of blended carrots and spirulina), this is not representative of truly effective and sustainable detox practices. One cannot only abstain from toxic foods (did someone say, “Donuts?”) – Those sugary, salty, fatty foods must be replaced with healthful, nutritious, colorful whole foods.

If you have a busy life, sitting down and creating your own detox program while trying to go about your numerous to-do’s is taxing. Your body does not like to multi-task – if you’re busy being stressed, your body is trying to support you and cannot also let go of toxins at the same time. When you get sick, you’re told get plenty of rest and stick with liquids. This is because liquids don’t take as much effort from your body to digest and then it can return to the task at hand – fighting germs! Getting away from it all could put yourself in the optimum position to reduce the stress response so your body can accept healing.

Here are ten reasons you may want to consider a detox retreat to Costa Rica to learn what you need to know about how to cleanse your system of the impurities which are slowing you down, keeping you in stress mode, and preventing you from healthful wellness:


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1) An all-inclusive detox or yoga retreat in Costa Rica means no chores!

How are you supposed to make a green smoothie while you’re trying to pay bills and clean up after the people in your household? It’s almost impossible to focus on yourself and your own needs in a brand new way while you’re trying to get through all the tasks of a normal life. When you take an all-inclusive detox retreat to Costa Rica, you won’t have anything to clean or organize and not a soul to serve other than yourself. No matter how much we may love our lives, work, and family, everyone needs a break to replenish, feel refreshed, and return home with new vigor and gratitude for how much we have.


2) A detox cleanse retreat in Costa Rica removes you from your everyday temptations

Is someone in your house insists on having tempting, sugary or fat-laden snacks around?Traveling to a place where none of those bags of chips or tubs of ice cream arewithin hand’s reach taunting you, may be just the detox you need for 2018!

Your well-meaning friends who want to spend time with you can’t invite you out to that pizza place and ruin your resolve to cleanse your body. You won’t have the option to get up in the middle of the night and groggily justify having just one more treat from the fridge to help you get to sleep. What you will have are beautifully prepared, healthful meals to satisfy your body’s needs for nutrients and your palette’s need for flavor and novelty. A detox retreat in Costa Rica at Waterfall Villas, can help rid you of those impulse decisions.


3)Taking a health retreat to Costa Rica will surround your hard work with beauty

The exotic, natural environment our retreat center in Costa Rica will fill your mind with new sights, sounds, and smells. You might be so busy taking in how beautiful the country is that anything you thought you’d miss from your fridge disappears from memory.

Being in a new place is distracting and bad habits are less likely to creep into your day. You’ll want to take photos and bask in the sunlight or take a long stroll beneath the canopy of trees rather than wonder about that leftover mac n’ cheese in your fridge at home. Part of what we love about unhealthy foods is the sensory experience we have chewing and tasting and smelling – your senses in a beautiful place are on overdrive and you might be surprised by how unconcerned you are about eating the way you do at home. Visiting a detox retreat in Costa Rica can help you stay motivated and on track.


4)When you attend a detox cleanse retreat Costa Rica, you have the support of others like you

When you want to try something new at home and your whole household isn’t onboard to try, the new habit or procedure is harder to establish. Even if you want to get healthy, if your family continues to eat unhealthful foods, it’s going to be a challenge to stick to your goals. You might need a clean slate in order to feel the benefits of your effort and reinforce the habits you wish to take home with you.

When you go to a retreat center in Costa Rica, you attend your meals and classes with other like-minded people who are on the same journey as you. You’ll hear echoed back to you similar health concerns, habits, and frustrations to make you feel less alone. When we try to do something new and important, having support from others can be an invaluable tool in making those good habits stick.


5)The best detox retreat in Costa Rica will offer you education to take home

It’s not enough to just eat really well in a beautiful place with other people doing what you’re doing… it’s all well and good to have meals prepared for you, but, how to do you make those same healthful choices at home? The Waterfall Villas offers cooking classes to help you learn techniques and recipes for preparing delicious, healthful meals for yourself. You will learn techniques for preparing fruits and vegetables that make it simple to feed yourself well once you return home. Your at a detox retreat in Costa Rica, can set you up for success when you return home.


6) Speaking of food, a detox retreat in Costa Rica could just be what the doctor ordered

There are certain nutrients and vitamins in food which are destroyed through cooking. There are minerals and phytonutrients in raw fruits and vegetables which not only provide vibrant variations in color, but, they also offer the human body weapons for fighting off diseases from the common to cold to heart disease and even cancer. Without the proper vitamins in our diet, we starve our cells and they cease to function properly. The functions this process disrupts include metabolism, energy conversion from carbohydrates, and forming bones and tissues. When you take a detox cleanse retreat in Costa Rica, you have access to experienced chefs who can provide you with healthy meals made from the diverse bounty of natural, native plants to reinvigorate your body and restore energy for your busy life!

7) You will learn more about yourself and your triggers while on a detox retreat in Costa Rica

By removing certain typical allergens from our diet, we start to identify which of the foods in our routine make us lethargic and less productive. Once you get the energy boost of a raw cleanse, you start to see what it is you’re eating that’s slowing you down. You might be allergic to something you eat on a regular basis – what you might think is a random, weird migraine condition might actually be triggered bodily response to dairy. Only by removing these toxins can we learn what they are and how much better we can feel without them. Discomfort can be a great motivator for sticking to your resolve to stay healthy. Identifying what makes you feel tired and gross can literally change your life.


8)Combine your detox package with a yoga retreat in Costa Rica for increased benefits

Physical movement also plays a part in your body’s ability to release toxins. The practice of yoga invites your body into poses which promote a boost in metabolism and assistance in digestion and elimination. The focus cultivated in yoga practice likewise offers your mind a break from the endless, judgmental chatter going on in your brain. The Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica maintains a staff of qualified yoga instructors who will support your mind’s work to let go of the negative thoughts which reinforce your bad habits. If you get trapped in self-deprecation and thoughts of feeling unworthy (which might be connected to eating poorly or overeating), your mind might need a detox from all that nasty thinking. A yoga and meditation session at a yoga retreat in Costa Rica can help you harness your harmful thought patterns and help you gain a more contented outlook on life.


9) Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better and a detox retreat in Costa Rica will tone down the sting

When your body is in the process of letting go of toxins, some people tend to feel some nasty symptoms before they feel the glow of being cleansed. Headaches and nausea might show up during your process and it helps to have knowledgeable staff on-hand to help you combat the less pleasant side effects of your body finally letting go of toxins.


10)The end result is the best reason to go on a detox retreat in Costa Rica! Better health!

If spending time in one of the most beautiful places on earth can help you restore your health and send you back into your everyday life with the right tools, insight, and knowledge to maintain your healthier (and likely slimmer) state of being, sounds like it just might be worth it! How much more productive would you be if you didn’t feel tired all the time? How much better of a person do you feel like you could be if you had more energy and reserves to keep your cool? What if, with all this hard work, living healthfully became an effortless habit and improved not only your waistline but your sex life (toxins affect your love life, too)?



The Waterfall Villas in Costa Ricahas an affordable detox and yoga retreat package to help you start your journey to better health

The Waterfall Villas hosts a cleansing detox retreat in beautiful Costa Rica to help you start walking the path of healthier living. The Detox Package includes a luxurious suite with a private garden (for you to collect your thoughts and absorb new information) and a private Jacuzzi (for rejuvenation after a full day of great food, yoga practice, and enjoying nature). Also included are therapeutic massages to help you relax during your stay. All your meals are prepared for you and your itinerary is planned in advanced. You have no choices to make – only to come to Costa Rica and enjoy the experience during your detox retreat.

You also have the option to design your own retreat to include the same benefits of the premade package while adding cooking instruction, special yoga classes, one-on-one consultations with qualified staff to develop a personalized coaching program, various spa treatments, and so on.

To really feel the benefits of what a detox retreat can offer, you may wish to consider an 11-day transformation to health package to go even deeper into your custom, natural health plan. The Waterfall Villas specializes in transformative experiences for optimal wellness while surrounded by beauty – just the things to get your 2018 off to a great start!