costa rica weddingsIf you are dedicated to living a more healthful lifestyle, choosing a wedding, honeymoon, or romantic getaway location may have its challenges. You want to enjoy a beautiful celebration to mark this special moment in your lives, but, you don’t want to stray from your healthy lifestyle of a clean diet and regular exercise. How do you choose a place that’s both memorable and not bad for your health?

#1: Before choosing a destination for your wedding or romantic retreats in Costa Rica, find a place respectful of your health needs.

Not all locations are created equal when it comes to accommodating your health needs. If part of your hesitation of choosing a destination wedding involves sticking to your values or dietary requirements, there’s a way to have it all when you choose the right location. You don’t have to memorize bizarre tips for minding your eating habits like wearing a belt to feel yourself getting full. If you’re getting married, you have enough to think about without tricking yourself into “behaving.”

Find a destination location for your wedding in Costa Rica where they will do all the work for you.

You want to look for a location with the creativity and sensitivity to accommodate your needs. It may sound impossible to have a decadent, gourmet style serving of food at your wedding or elopement without destroying your healthful habits.

Food is a critical element to offering your gratitude to your guests and for replenishing yourself at the start of your new life. You and your guests can feel nourished and exhilarated to enjoy exotic, fresh meals which are “out of the ordinary” at your destination wedding in Costa Rica.

The Waterfall Villas will offer a delectable vegan gourmet spread for your wedding in Costa Rica. You and your guests will enjoy the benefits of vegan detox meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your stay without even noticing. The range of local produce has inspired the chefs at the Waterfall Villas to create a delicious and beautiful feast for the eyes that will not take a toll on your waistline.

You can celebrate your romantic union without losing your focus on your health and well-being while giving your guests (and yourselves) an experience to remember.

#2: When searching for Costa Rica locations for weddings, notice how much attention they pay to your privacy.

If a destination wedding fits your personality, one of your goals is likely make getting married uniquely memorable. Rather than choosing the ever-repeating variations of white walls and hotel carpeting, a destination wedding site offers a completely new, exotic setting to mark the occasion.

When you choose a destination location in Costa Rica to have your wedding, you’re competing with other groups vacationing or on retreats. Depending on the time of year and what your location has to offer, you may find your wedding photos overrun with strangers watching your ceremony or unintentionally photo-bombing your unrepeatable, special moments.


Choose a destination wedding location in Costa Rica which has a system in place for respecting the intimacy of your special occasion.

It’s easy to forget part of taking care of your good habits and wellness is avoiding excessive stress during what is meant to be one of the best days of your life. You might want to elope and steal away with your partner and feel completely alone in paradise when you exchange your vows; or, maybe you have a small guest list of only your nearest and dearest in attendance. You want to find a location which creates a beautiful setting apart from the tourists to set your mind at ease.

Making a vow to your partner surrounded by nature should be a private affair, but, not all destination locations can offer the setting without the gawking tourists. At the Waterfall Villas, there are breathtaking rainforest waterfalls which are closed to the public. Only guests have access to these areas which will be further secured to only you and your wedding party for your ceremony and reception.


#3: If you can’t maintain your typical exercise regimen, choose from romantic retreats in Costa Rica which include physical activities to replace your routine.

While it may seem like too much to ask of yourself to make sure there’s a place to run or perform your typical daily exercise routine, you can still pick a location in Costa Rica which affords you equally challenging activities.

A guided nature walk in the Baru Nature Reserve (an area recovered from cacao and teak farming, now teaming with forest, lined with beaches, lined with clean, natural streams and home to creatures such as sloths, capuchin monkeys, sea turtles, sea otters, coatis, etc.) will keep you moving and maintain the element of enchantment during your stay for your wedding. At the Waterfall Villas, you have the option of hiking and touring various natural parks, enjoying a canopy zipline tour, and taking a horseback ride to Nauyaca falls.

You can also attend yoga classes at the Waterfall Villas to maintain your body and mind wellness during this exciting phase of your new life. After all this hard work and movement, there are spa treatments available to include indulgences like couples’ massage.

#4: Pick a destination wedding location in Costa Rica with all-inclusive rates and services.

The more services a destination wedding location in Costa Rica includes, the less you have to worry about preparing on your own. You are already choosing to travel away from home to be married in a beautiful, natural setting and the fewer tasks you have to take on prior to the big day the better for your state of mind.

Even for small, intimate weddings of only your closest friends and family, there are a number of elements you would ordinarily need to hire multiple other vendors to cover from flowers, food, officiate or minister, ceremony seating and décor, music, a reception hall, hair and makeup services, etc. It can prove challenging to attempt to locate and hire quality vendors to provide all of these services.

The Waterfall Villas serves every aspect of the ceremony and reception with all-inclusive packages. After the initial consultations to verify everything you want to have for your wedding, you don’t have to lift a finger to make sure all the details fall into place. The Waterfall Villas provides a full staff dedicated entirely to preparing and managing all the details of your wedding.

You will have your very own wedding planner and site coordinator monitoring the events of your day. There are officiates for both Christian and non-denominational/customized ceremonies to make certain your vows are meaningful and reflective of your unique relationship. The location will be selected ahead of time and the flowers and seating will be arranged for you. Hair and makeup services are available so you don’t have to worry about bringing everything you need for your romantic look or learning how to engineer your own up-do. A reception site will be equally private and there are various options for live music.

Is Costa Rica a good place for a honeymoon?

Costa Rica has several nature preserves and protections in place to maintain the lush landscape of rainforests. Of the various honeymoon destination vacations, Costa Rica is possibly the least commercialized. Ecotourism is more of the focus in Costa Rica over the large corporation luxury hotels easily found in Hawaii. If you choose to come between December and April, this is the peak dry season in Costa Rica with the best weather for your outdoor activities.

The Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica offers several different honeymoon packages which, like the wedding services, are all-inclusive and planned ahead of time to avoid feeling pressured to solidify your own itinerary. Our experienced staff will work closely with you and your partner to customize your Costa Rica honeymoon itinerary.

There are a few select, special suites with king or queen sized beds, private Jacuzzis, and a covered balcony with an incredible view of the tops of the waterfalls within this preserved area of the rainforest. You can enjoy your breakfast and lunch with a view of the waterfalls as well as candlelit dinners for two arranged to ensure a romantic setting for your first nights of married life. If you would like to add a more spiritual aspect to your journey in Costa Rica, a Balinese Shamanic Blessing ceremony can be arranged to seal your commitment in your new life together.

The Waterfall Villas in Costa Ricahelps you celebrate your love with all-inclusive, romantic retreats packages without any of the pressure of breaking your values.

Whether you’re getting married, renewing your vows, traveling for your honeymoon, or just in need of getting away together, the romantic retreats options at the Waterfall Villas provide the best value.

From the protection of your private affair to the customized planning of your event with all-inclusive services, you can craft a beautiful memory to delight you for years to come. You don’t have to let the vacation mindset of weddings and vacations in Costa Rica completely throw you off balance from achieving your personal goals.

Rather than bother with mind tricks to keep you on a “diet,” the food offerings at the Waterfall Villas are already prepared vegan with both taste and health in mind. You won’t know you’re detoxing as you enjoy delicious fresh fruits and vegetables you can’t find at home.

Enjoy planning your special day and your adventurous honeymoon in Costa Rica with zero guilt when you choose to work with the dedicated, mindful staff of The Waterfall Villas.