Find the BEST of YOU in Costa Rica with Fateh of the Waterfall Villas

You deserve the BEST – the best of yourself first, and foremost, and now that is so possible! If you are not at your best then you are not attracting what you could, you are not living at your potential, we have to go out and get the best and now there are safe and sure ways on how to do this. With self esteem and confidence there no stopping you. If a makeover that may include cosmetic surgery is what you would like to do, Fateh is an expert on the procedures available with a hand selected team of the best doctors in Costa Rica.

Probably you have heard that Costa Rica has some of the best surgeons in the business for Cosmetic Surgery, for the eyes, face, stomach, and dental work. These services are offered in many levels and prices here and can be quite daunting for a person who doesn’t want to pay the phenomenal prices of the Western countries, but still wants the best that money can buy. In many cases better results here in Costa Rica than you can get for more than double the price in other countries!

First, Fateh will speak with you in a free 15 minute consultation on a toll free number 1-888-986-0086 to determine where you are in your journey to find the best of you.  If this is the time in your life where you want to embark on a makeover we will discuss costs (much reduced in Costa Rica) and move forward. Next, Fateh will coordinate for your specific case a team of doctors of various specialties to look at your pictures, and then set up a live consultation for you to know what is possible and to give you a road-map of what you can do within the correct aspects of time. Some makeovers do not require surgery as there are many non-evasive solutions available here in Costa Rica.

Many solutions are also available at the Waterfall Villas – a Wellness Center that is owned by Fateh. At the Waterfall Villas the focus for an extended recovery program explores your emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, recovery from illness, and nutrition to really Find the Best of You in all aspects of your life. All the options will be presented to you. Each step of the way in the Find the BEST of YOU program Fateh with go over the budgetary aspects, and allow you to make the best financial decisions creating a road map that works with your personal situation and recovery time. Fateh has a BBA and a MS, so she is very familiar with numbers and will design your road map with the most critical results first so that you can be within your budget while establishing the BEST of YOU!

 I noticed that when most people go to a doctor because they want to change something, they don’t look at themselves as a whole person holistically . This has to be seen as a process of becoming the best of you, always maturing with grace and style, that’s what finding the best of you is about! Some procedures are best done together, and some not such a great idea. I will share all the secrets with you! It can’t be done all at once organically, so to get great results the process needs to be viewed over a time line – your inner and outer beauty road map. If you go to a doctor – even if that person could be the best surgeon in the world, but they don’t look at you holistically either, they give you what you ask for, and in turn just book what you ask for and don’t go beyond that as they have no time for that level of personal analysis in a super busy schedule. Well that’s where I want to help.

So what I do is look at you through the work of of many different specialists, I communicate with them to determine a road-map for what can be done, and make a plan for the ultimate results one is looking for. That may include many non-evasive procedures, and dietary changes, and not necessarily surgery. The most differentiating aspect of the professional services offered by Fateh is the meticulous preparations for the road map of the makeover, and the care during recuperation – we hold your hand and we take care of everything. After-all, this is not easy, it takes courage and being on the ball about it to make a makeover happen with fantastic results.

A very important step is setting the date selection on your road-map. We will analyse the astrology of the situation to pick dates that are safe and sure with a specific look. For example, if you would like voluptuous breasts, we want to make sure that we are blessed by some Cancer aspect, giving the most incredible results for that type of look. We want you to get the very best results that your hard earned money should be getting you. That means taking particular attention to your rising sign, and the look you are trying to achieve – each sign has a particular look. After the surgery, some days in nature is just what the doctor ordered. And we at the Waterfall Villas are ready to assist you to relax, be pampered, and love yourself before you head home.

Obviously, not all surgeons are equal, and the services are very specialized. Now in coordination with a selected hand-picked group of Doctors, Fateh will offer you a hand-held guided Makeover Service, where every appointment, in fact she will accompany you to the first, and any critical appointment before the surgery, and make sure the after care for you is put in place, so you do not have to worry about language or any other communication issues. You will be picked up at the airport and taken to your appointments, taken to the hospital, and brought back from the hospital. Your meals will be fresh made, you will have someone with you, and medicines given to you as prescribed. You will be in close vicinity to your surgeon for follow up appointments, until the stitches are removed.

Then if you have enough time to really complete the cycle of healing, you will be taken to the Waterfall Villas for a few days of nature, easy movement and meditation. Sprirtual and life coaching consultations with Fateh are also possible. After your recovery time, you will be brought back to the airport for your return – ready to start a new life having found the BEST of YOU!

“I got into this work because I asked myself one day, hey what do I have to offer people – I love helping people, and I see so many mistakes that beautiful women make, I would love to help create beauty and strengths, and mental capacity for people… and it hit me like a flash – I know how to design and craft the best program to find your Best You, your best self. So this is me being my best too! And helping you have a wonderful experience to find your Best You TOO!