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Relax and De-stress next to the waterfall within the canopy of the rainforest. Let our experienced therapists will take you on a journey – melting your discomforts away. We invite you to find true healing through relaxation. Regular massage is incredible to improve circulation in the body; facilitating many systems, such as brain, heart, nerves, and lymphatic fluids. Our Spa and Detox programs are specifically designed to jump start the process for health transformation. While you are juice cleansing in a detox program the first change you will discover is your skin quality improves. Facials and manipulation of the facia tissue is an integral first step to getting the most of a short detox with our biggest organ the skin. After the first 3 days then the body starts cleansing other organs, you can also do a Liver cleanse or Metal cleanse to get incredible results on health issues facilitated with Spa Treatments.

Our Spa treatments are a key part of the transition process in your wellness healing journey.

In this section, you will find a list of the most popular treatments offered in our Spa, the Waterfall Decks or in the privacy or your suite – as you prefer!

Deluxe Lymphatic Massage Therapy – 1.5 Hours

Lymphatic or Vibrocussive Therapy involves subjecting muscles to vibrations or oscillations, causing them to undergo alternating contractions and expansions. This dynamic movement yields various positive effects on both the muscles and the nervous system. When the muscles experience precise frequencies and intensities of shaking, the proprioceptive nervous system is deceived into a state of relaxation. Consequently, the muscles swiftly release tension, providing not only a pleasurable sensation but also contributing to the alleviation of scar tissue, cellulitis, and painful adhesions. Additionally, the therapy facilitates improved blood and lymph circulation, aiding in detoxification and promoting an overall sense of well-being from within.

$240 for tranquility, reflection, and revitalization!!!

Waterfall massage

Waterfall Massage

Our Waterfall massage is a total relax massage given on the decks facing the waterfalls for a total immersion into the rain forest to de-stress. Applying techniques to release stress – your muscles will melt and let you become one with the waterfalls. Float into bliss as you look up into the canopy, and hear the waterfalls at your side! Any herbal oil of your choice can be used.

The Waterfall Massage is offered by the Waterfalls during the summer months from Jan – April in the open air or at the Yoga platform next to the falls in case of rain at other times of year here in the rainforest of Costa Rica!

$120 for relaxation per person

Couple’s Waterfall Massage $240 for a romantic relaxation together

Spa Therapies

Therapeutic Massage for Healing

An intuitive massage that will clear out your body blocks in a most incredible manner, applying pressure points, and using pure essential oils the masseuse is able to release cellular memory, and promote the most detoxifying and healing effects. Particularly effective for chronic pain areas, strains and injures. This is the ultimate treatment for detox and relaxation using essential oils  to release toxins.
$180 for total Healing!

Waterfall Villas Wellness Therapy

Ancient Healing Shirodhara Ayurveda Treatment

At the Waterfall Spa the world will take on a new dimension, a new Aura, and you will transform in harmony with the nature around you.

This is the Ultimate Transformation in Deep Relaxation

Shirodhara Ayurveda Treatment

Your dosha will be analyzed to determine the correct oils to use for the Shirodhara – third eye opening and total relaxation treatment. Our Shiro treatment is offered in a package of three treatments – to gain maximum benefits and performed in conjunction with the Abhanga treatment of the Diva Goddess – a ancient rite of beauty an well being practiced for thousands of years, and now at the Waterfall Villas the secrets are being offered to you. Your treatment is with two therapists  – they will massage your body in synchronization using the ancient techniques, then the oils will be poured on your forehead in a continuous stream for abut 30 minutes.  You will feel the effects of this treatment after the third session – it is an amazing treatment that works on many levels.

Shirodhara with Abhyanga Treatment package – $240.00 available as an add on to any package.

Rieki Energy & Sound Healing

Reiki Energy Session – Reiki is an healing system that uses the energy source of the Universe with a channeling to harmonize and balance your chakras and heal the body with energy – $200 (2 Hour session)

Sound Healing Session – Sound Healing stands as a potent therapeutic approach that integrates diverse healing sounds, music, and sound healing instruments. Its purpose is to enhance our multidimensional well-being by crafting a captivating experience that tenderly and affectionately awakens all facets of our luminous energy field and clears energetic blockages. – $275 (2 Hour session)


Day SPA Package

We offer a Spa Day which is also available for persons that are just not able to stay at the Waterfall Villas :

– Waterfall Massage

-Vegan Lunch,

– Waterfall access during the day up until 5pm

  Total is $185 per person before taxes. Cash USD, or credit card (Master or Visa only accepted).


*The owner does not live on the property and we do not have supervision, or hand-holding unless there is a medical emergency. The Waterfall Villas is a place for adults where people need to do their own research if they decide to use unsupported not included natural methods such as self administered enema. Although we do have the space to enable you to apply an enema for yourself and to have the health benefits. We do not offer colonics.

It is very important to realize that Detox programs at the Waterfall Villas is not in anyway a form of rehab from any addictions including alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals, as well as narcotics. If you are doing a retreat at the Waterfall Villas - please read, print and sign to present at check in the following acknowledgment :