Transformation to health

Do you want to take your life back and stop the endless highs and lows, which create cycles of of illness, stress and emotional imbalances. At the Waterfall Villas – transform to health and balance in many aspects of your life.

Perhaps this means spending time with your self to reinvent your self creating a new you. Letting go of traumatic events, loss, grief. Or remembering who you are, if you lost yourself along the way. Finding your inner child again, and your joy. It could include loosing weight or gaining weight or learning to eat the right things – even with a busy schedule. But most of all it means to understand yourself, and how to create a healthy foundation for the rest of your life with a balance emotionally, and in your relationships. Take the extra step and detox from unhealthy food choices and release other toxins stored in the body from accumulated medications and other environmental influences! In this 10 night program, you will get in touch with your body while you eat wonderfully delicious vegan / or raw vegan foods – and if you are suffering from allergies you can try gluten free as well as dairy free.

If you are diabetic or recuperating from cancer treatments, you will be on a very alkaline diet that will reduce the illness, and balance your blood sugar. You can transition to raw foods or if you would like to stay with cooked foods then you may do well with a marcro-biotic or Ayurveda diet for fabulous results. You will feel so much more vibrant and alive!.

Transformation to Health

In this program, you may be able to loose unwanted weight, focus on a cleanse, or do a Vegan / raw foods transition to incorporate more healthy choices.

Health Transformation in Costa Rica

Rejuvenate yourself as you practice a new lifestyle away from the stress of a busy life. Here is the chance to get away, and really make a difference.

Health Transformation

  • Butterfly Suite w/king bed, and Zen style bathroom, kitchenette, with a balcony viewing the stream at the top of the falls, AC – 10 nights
  • 6 hours of Spa Treatments:
    • 2 Deep Tissue Massage (1.5 hours each)
    • 1 Waterfall Relax Massage (1 hour)
    • 1 Deluxe Lava Rock Massage with Body scrub and Mask (2 hours)
  •  ALL MEALS during your stay are included, and will be personalized based on your needs to gain or loose weight or life style with Vegan or Raw foods Transition goals, or Ayurvedic healing / Detox / Marcobiotics.
  • Daily fresh green coconut water / fresh noni if available
  • Daily Detox tea
  • Daily morning Yoga with mediation (except Thursdays/Sundays)
  • 1 consultation to develop and personalize program and coaching
  • Tax 13% not included

Any package can be customized –
Just let us know if there is one already defined that is closest to your dream visit and we will add or exchange whatever you’d like too and send a new price 😉

Self Reinvention

Jan 6th – May 30th  2023 Total $3,299.00 for a single person includes everything in the list above – ALL MEALS, Cleaning every 2 days and not over the weekends.

June – Dec 15th 2022 / 2023 total $2,699.00 for a single person includes everything in the list above – ALL MEALS, Cleaning every 2 days and not over the weekends.

Transform yourself

Optional Healing recommended to this program are Shamanic Healing – Soul Retrieval, Energy Healing, Acupuncture Healing, and the Energy Straightening to align yourself with the universal energy and shifting you to a different level of possibilities.*Please ask if you are interested in any of these modalities to enhance your transformation.


It is very important to realize that Detox programs at the Waterfall Villas is not in anyway a form of rehab from any addictions including alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals, as well as narcotics. If you are doing a retreat at the Waterfall Villas - please read, print and sign to present at check in the following acknowledgment :