Wellness Retreat Costa Rica

Ultimate Revival Retreat – 21 days / 20 nights

Discover and experience a profound Healing Journey!

Since ancient times, people have known that when they don’t find time for themselves in the routine of life, then they need to replenish themselves in a retreat away to rejuvenate. It is only when you can reflect and have time for yourself that you can find the beauty in life inside yourself! If you want to truly love yourself, so that all the universe works in union with your harmony – this is the getaway that will make a difference in your life! To love others, you need to love yourself first, otherwise, you will not be at your best for those you love. Experience total transformation as a mind set and create a new start for yourself. You can start this program any time you like during the date ranges the program is offered to Recharge and live to your potential!

Ultimate Revival Retreat

Ultimate Revival is a wellness program that will reconnect you to the Earth with its all of its splendor in nature, and the Universe. Find the beauty in life inside yourself!

When planning a profound transformation retreat, it is best to experience your retreat with persons who will support you. Any other persons with you that you might have to care for will not give you the appropriate me time. Adult daughters and their Mothers, however, do very well in this retreat.

The Ultimate Revival retreat is not for young children. During this retreat a Mother needs a chance to only care for herself.

Revival Retreat

Package includes:

  • Goddess Suite – Luxury accommodations  – this suite has a Queen canopy bed and private bathroom with a meditation garden, AC, mini fridge, and a balcony with view to the stream at the top of the falls. for single – if sharing the Butterfly Suite. Separate Villa with 2 bedrooms the Jade Spa Villa.
  • 4 Spa treatments
    • 2 Therapeutic Massages
    • 1 Deluxe Vibrocussive/Lymphatic Detox Therapy
    • 1 Pachakarma Ayurvedic Treatment – Shirodhara balancing with essential oil poured onto the third eye, and with Abhanga the 4 hand massage – an ancient healing treatment from India
  • 10 Yoga classes
  • 3 Personalized Coaching sessions focus on emotional wellness, and diet/ personal nutrition (1 hr sessions – 1 per week).
  • Cleaning every 2 days and not over the weekends
  • Tax 13% not included

Any package can be customized –
Just let us know if there is one already defined that is closest to your dream visit and we will add or exchange whatever you’d like too and send a new price 😉

wellness retreat costa rica

This program is customized based on your goals, current life style transition, and nutritional needs. You can become vegetarian or Vegan or go Raw at various percentages, with a healthy and easy guided transition. This is a gentle program that will be very intimate.

Watertfall Villas Revival Retreat

You will be discovering a lot of different Vegan and Raw Food meals over the time you are here, learn to make some foods that you can continue at home in a meal preparation class. Learn how to get the most out of your nutrition.

Recharge and Rejuvenate

You will have a personal coach during this period to advance your mind set towards adopting the vegetarian / vegan approach to food and nutrition, and help you clear any blocks to your success from a mental and emotional perspective.

Waterfall Villas Massage

If you choose, a raw food transition you can start with 40% Raw Living Foods and we can include a gradual transition up to 85-100% RAW Detox. Fruit juice cleanse also possible for 3 days or our green juice fast for up to 10 days for weight loss and overall vitality.

Healing Journey in Costa Rica

This program includes detox medicinal teas – a very special Ayurveda formula!


ALL ingredients are organic ( or natural without preservatives ) and Fresh from Costa Rica!

Organic Detoxification

In every detox experience there will emotional, opening of cellular memories and physical changes coming up for you and that is why a guided approach brings the most benefits. Towards your ultimate transformation the Shirodhara treatments will open your third eye and lead you to a profound inner work.

Healing Journey Suite

Any 20 nights from Jan – May Total for 20 nights $5,500.00 Single

OR during our Green Season $4,500 for a single person from June – Dec 15th.

*If you have a friend / family who would like to join you in the Ultimate Retreat Program, the special rate for 2 persons in same Suite it is $6,999.00 (Butterfly Suite) during summer/ or $5,999 during the green season with the entire program for both persons.

OR please let us know if you would like a 2 bedroom Villa. A 2 bedroom /2 private bathrooms – Jade Spa Villa with the entire program for 2 persons is $7,999 in the summer and  $6,999.00 in the green season for the entire program 2 persons.

It is very important to realize that Detox programs at the Waterfall Villas is not in anyway a form of rehab from any addictions including alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals, as well as narcotics. If you are doing a retreat at the Waterfall Villas - please read, print and sign to present at check in the following acknowledgment :