Love Yourself – A Healing & Spiritual Retreat in Bali , Oct 10-18th 2023

A fascinating Journey

Embark on a fascinating Journey to the Island of the Gods – Bali. During the most fantastic NEW MOON Solar Eclipse over Oct 14, 2023!

Recreate your LIFE by fully Understanding SelF-LOVE!

 Workshop on the 4 aspects of SELF- LOVE

Embrace SELF LOVE and pursue your happiness !

About Our Journey


You may have heard about loving yourself – but do you really know what it means? There’s allot of hype and not everyone knows what this really means – its not just treating yourself, but rather having a deep self awareness to start – to change your inner dialog to be supportive, total acceptance, and learn to trust yourself, then manifest what gives you the best results for you. In this retreat session presentations, group discussions, and break out exercises to really know what it is to love yourself, create your own process roadmap to self love, and understand the positive effects of loving yourself as a true authentic profound transformation. Heal energy leaks and detect relationships that are not promoting your self love and how to release and heal emotionally. You will leave this retreat knowing what self love really means, how to love yourself, and why it important aspect of the present moment to have a healthy and fulfilling life !

When you decide to embark on a journey I always think of this powerful quote by a great author – from the book the “Alchemist”...

“Sometimes, you have to travel a long way to find what is near. When the rain returns to earth it brings with it things of the air. The magical and the extraordinary are with me, and with everyone in the Universe all the time, but sometimes we forget and need to be reminded, even if we have to cross the largest continent in the world from one side to the other. We return laden with treasures that might end up getting buried again, and then we will have to set off once more in search of them. That’s what makes life interesting – believing in treasures and in miracles.” Paulo Coelho

The retreat will take us to two areas of Bali that are closest to the majority of important temples and sacred sites. We will delve into the discovery of self love in a way that you will feel it ! We will start our Journey at the Nirarta Awareness Center in Sideman at the footsteps of the Agung Volcano. Surrounded by rice terraces, with the mystical view of the ancient and sacred Agung Volcano in Eastern Bali, the landscape dotted by authentic villages – here we will enter into a deeper dimension of healing and spiritual practice. During this retreat 2 healing experiences are included, a traditional Balinese Massage and an energy healer session. The Nirarta Center provides a sacred space with modern villas, a restaurant offering a variety of meals including a selection from there own organic gardens. Meals can be vegetarian, vegan or non-vegetarian- an experience of the foods of Bali. There is a beautiful Yoga Shala set on a the hills overlooking the river below in the valley -across with mountains topped with sacred temples. In the workshops, you will come to a better understanding of yourself : your strengths, weakness, threats, and how others effect your life… and there will be a liberation to be who you really are! This process will allow you to bring more joy into your life! We will  align mind and spirit with our bodies and receive healing. Past trauma, subconscious experiences, and emotions will surface and be released. In this deep work you will be supported individually as well as in daily group sessions as part of our workshop on self love for a profound transformation – into your own self love realization.

For 5 nights, Oct 10 – 15 …we will stay at these lovely villas that are part of the Nirarta Center of Awareness, and enjoy a very a sacred space, walk through the rice fields, enjoy your inner child, and fill your soul with blessings. You will experience Bali the way it was 100 years ago, hill speckled with little traditional villages and terraced land, and perhaps this is the way most of us dream of this ancient land of Bali when we close our eyes. It still exits, but only in a few places are left like this on the Island. We will have the opportunity to also receive special blessings from the High Priestess of Sideman Village, a special and rare opportunity.

Near Sideman are also several important small temples, and we will visit the one at the highest point on the volcano. This temple affords a gorgeous view all the way to the east ocean on a clear day.

Bali Dharma is the modern belief of the Balinese people which is a mixture of the original Bali Aga an animistic belief where every stone and plant has a spirit, together with the Hindu beliefs which were brought during the pilgrimages from India, and Buddhism – thanks to the Nirarta, the first Buddhist teacher to reach Bali. This combination of beliefs on Bali makes Bali one of the most exotic cultures in the world today. Instead of shunning other beliefs they took the best of each and blended them in a way that brings harmony to the culture and the land.

To support the local villages and the effort of the Nirarta Center to preserve the arts and culture of Bali, one evening, we will be entertained by authentic local village dancers and musicians – these artists are not the ones trained for the tourists – as a special authentic cultural treat. This donation is a great help to the local villages to motivate and support the spirit of Bali – one of the most exotic cultures on our planet.

After our stay in Sideman, we will travel by car to Ubud. On the way to the artist village of Ubud to the Art Villa , we will make a tour of the Volcanoes area, and visit the Mother temple – over 1,000 years old. Temple Besakih is the most important Temple in Bali.

In Ubud, we will stay at Luxury Villa complex the Art Villa, from Oct 15 – 18 for 3 nights. Here we will continue with the private sessions, and visit a Balinese healer with a remarkable gift. We will visit one of the most unusual temples in Bali and have a blessing at Tira Ampule – the Water Temple. This blessing is at an energy transforming sacred site near Ubud. Afterwards, there will be time to visit nearby artisan villages and Ubud itself is an amazing place for finalizing your trip with treasures to bring home.



This retreat has a specific focus on self-love and the process to truly love one self. The first part of the journey is 5 nights at the Nirarta Awareness Center in Sideman. There you will participate in a series of Workshop sessions, break-out sessions and group discussions to understand Self Love and to be able to implement this understanding in your daily life. you will be offered a traditional Balinese massage, Pure Pasar Agung temple visit, cultural night, and a sacred priestess blessing.

There will be an opportunity to enjoy daily Yoga & Meditation while at the Nirarta Center.


The Second part of the Journey will be in Ubud, the artist, culinary, and cultural center of Bali, there we will visit a very sacred ancient water temple, and have a chance to see the great artistry in Bali. We will stay in an extraordinary Villa which is walking distance to the center of Ubud and the shops restaurants and museums. We will be 3 nights in Ubud. There we will will receive a special blessing at the sacred Water Temple – a unique and auspicious experience to cleanse our Karma.

Your treatment times and private sessions

will be scheduled upon arrival in Bali. During the retreat you will have free time to enjoy the sights in Sideman and Ubud. You can experience an alternative optional activity as visiting one of the other sacred temples, hunting for artwork or taking another traditional Balinese Massage.

Additional activities for after the retreat can be a variety of excursions including a trip to the less developed part of the beach area of Amed in east Bali OR a trip to visit the oldest pyramid in Indonesia on the close by Island of Java. Your retreat leader can organize all of this for you with our Bali family !

In the traditional Balinese Massage various techniques are used to remove blocks in the body. Releasing these blocks is one of the most healing experiences I have ever had. Blocks can appear at any time during your life, can be caused by accidents, poor diet, inadequate exercise or other emotional traumas, separation, or loss of a loved one. Blocks exist on so many levels. Yogi Bahjan, told us about cellular memory blocks, and how the food we eat plays an important role in what is going on in our body and our lives. Releasing blocks helps to loose weight or increase flexibility, and that will also prevent illness and injury as we age. If you would like additional treatments, it is possible to schedule treatments as additional to the program. 

“I have seen in my Yoga classes – that many people – even very young people could not do certain Yoga postures no matter how long they tried; and given my own personal experience of working with Balinese healers to release cellular memory, and increase energy in parts of the body, in particular using the flow through the meridians and blood channels – I have been able to reach a level of flexibility rare even in long time Yoga Practitioners – even after a very harsh car accident, and I am also was a x-chronic asthmatic before I changed my diet, and started to practice Yoga regularly. This type of body work changes your metabolism and can prevent aneurysms. its absolutly amazing!”


In an effort to share my blessings, and the way I healed myself and discovered the truth about what is self love the key to happiness in your life, I am offering this special Retreat and workshop in Oct 2023 – during a very auspicious time for receiving healing and starting your life on a different Karmic path! We will be giving this healing to anyone who wants to set an intention to release the blocks that keep them from reaching their potential! And then just do it!”

Airfare not included – Visa on Arrival is available to USA citizens, and most Europeans. A Vaxccine card will need to be presented on your arrival to Indonesia.

Retreat is all inclusive upon entry to Bali, Indonesia. This retreat includes round trip transfer from the airport on the entry and departure scheduled dates for the retreat only, and to Sideman and Ubud.

Program includes:

  • All Transfers: Airport (DPS) – Sideman/ Sideman to Ubud/ Ubud to DPS airport. Transportation is only covered if you travel on the retreat dates.
  • Daily Yoga optional – in the mornings or afternoon if we need to be early at a temple.
  • Meditation – at the end of the yoga class /during sacred site visit: Special meditation
  • 2X Balinese Healing treatments (physical/ emotional/ metaphysical) includes a Balinese Traditional Massage and an Energy Healing
  • Sessions and workshop activities for our Self LOVE realization –
  • Private luxury accommodations – 8 nights (either opt for a shared space as a couple (upgraded rooms), or a private room and private bathroom as a single) 5 nights in Sideman and 3 nights in Ubud
  •  Sideman includes ALL Meals (5 days full board ) IN Ubud – 3 days breakfasts and 1 group dinner. Our meals are Healthy Meals NON-vegetarian or Vegetarian, Vegan or Raw Vegan foods – you let us know which type of these foods you like for full board in Sideman. Once we are in Ubud we will have breakfast as a group, and 1 group dinner included the last evening (there are many places to discover in UBUD – the ART Villa is very near the ALCHEMY restaurant which is one of the most famous in UBUD for organic food – or have free time to explore other options for 2 dinners and 3 lunches that are not included).
  • Authentic Balinese Dance Performance – donation to the cultural arts of Bali
  • 2 guided sacred site visits with offering, blessing and meditations in Ubud
  • 1 guided sacred site visits with offering, blessing and meditations in Sideman
  • High Priestess blessing Sideman
  • Visit to the Mother Temple at the Agung Volcano – oldest temple in Bali – midway during the transfer from Sideman to UBUD.
  • Taxes included if paid by bank transfer – MasterCard or Visa is 13%

The entire all inclusive retreat is $2,899.00 total per person – private separate Bali Style rooms included with private bathroom. *Couple’s get an upgraded room. 20% deposit required to reserve your space. Balance Paid 30 days before the retreat.

– Optional evening cultural dances in Ubud, Museum visits, clothes and art shopping, Additional Massage therapies also possible, and additional Shamanic Healings (at additional cost).

Exact Itinerary (times of activities may change to accommodate shaman /or guides for synchronicity to experience opportunities).


This retreat is limited to 14 persons. To participate in this amazing opportunity – Sign up ASAP!

Contact Fateh using Skype with WaterfallYogi as the ID – just send a invite to connect for a video call or email

*You may arrive up to 3 days early to Sideman Nirarta Center to take advantage of better airfare / get over jet lag before the retreat. * inquire for pricing for additional days before or after retreat.

Airfare is not included* All inclusive upon reaching Bali – DPS airport transfers on retreat dates.

*Deposit of $1,000 at registration to guarantee your space by Credit Card Only ( MasterCard OR Visa)

*Full Payment / Balance by Sept 1st, 2023!

*Retreat is all inclusive upon entry to Bali, Indonesia

Your host:

Retreat Leader

Fateh Bolivar

Fateh owns a retreat center in Costa Rica and has been working with 1000s of people over the years to come to the realization that many traumas can be healed and many situations in your life can be experienced very differently – IF we really understand and can put in place a path to really experience life with self LOVE.  Fateh has lead retreats to Bali for over two decades, and she’s an expert international traveler ( 60 plus countries), and travel guide. She has been traveling to Bali for over 35 years. This retreat is possible because of a network of like-minded people forged in Bali over many years. A Balinese “family” works with me to create a uniquely Balinese experience of healing and spirituality that is next to none! These dear souls will protect and assist us in all matters.

“In this retreat I share the most incredible blessings of my life – my connection to Bali: Spirit, Culture and Magic! Every retreat gifts the miracle of transformations!

Are you ready for a the trip of your life!” Fateh