Detox in Costa Rica and Experience Healing and Rejuvenation of the Mind, Body, and Soul. Visit:

Waterfall Villas is in the heart of the Baru Rainforest, amid the splendors of nature, inviting you to experience true healing and detoxification. Spend a week here, and change your life in ways you would not think possible.


Detoxify your body in Costa Rica’s tropical South Pacific, surrounded by tranquil waterfalls and luxury at the spectacular Waterfall Villas resort in Cascadas Farallas. With a focus on personalized attention and care, the holistic wellness methods utilized at Waterfall Villas offer effective healing and transformation. Detox Costa Rica in Waterfall Villas provides several ways to detox in Costa Rica, by offering a variety of vacation packages for you to achieve ultimate wellness and renewal. Here are just a few:


Diva’s Detox – (4 nights) this retreat delivers the greatest benefit to those who want to break unhealthy habits by incorporating healthier lifestyle choices, or who need to heal and move forward from emotionally stressful situations, traumatic events, or grief. This retreat offers a clean slate for a new life to blossom. This retreat includes:

  • Jade Spa Jacuzzi Suite – has a private Jacuzzi and garden, sitting area, and balcony looking out over the top of a lush waterfall.
  • 3 Massage Treatments – A Bamboo and Jaguar Massage with a Honey and cucumber facial, a therapeutic massage with pure essential oils,and a deluxe Lava rock Detox massage, with clay and coffee exfoliation, and a Mayan ritual – the Sacred Chocolate body mask.
  • All Meals during your stay are included and personalized to accommodate your dietary needs. Our meals are carefully prepared using Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, a raw Vegan detox menu, or a juice fasting cleansing program.
  • 3 morning Yoga classes
  • Fresh coconut water and daily detox medicinal tea


Rejuvenation Package – (7 nights) this retreat starts with your commitment to creating positive change through new habits and rituals, and spoils you with deliciously healthy fare. A week at Waterfall Villas that can change your life starts in the Goddess Suite and includes:

  • World-class spa treatments to facilitate detoxification and transition to improved health.
  • Relaxation, therapeutic treatments, and 5 Yoga sessions to clear the mind, and strengthen the body.
  • Detoxification menu that includes all meals or our juice fasting cleansing program.
  • Detox tea, fresh coconut water, and 2 Juiced Kale drinks daily.
  • Private Meditation class


Juice Cleanse (5 or 7 nights) – Remove the toxicity that has accumulated in your body with a process that purifies the body to prepare it for healing and renewal. Choose between our specialty Green Juice Fast, or the Master Cleanse formula we offer that consists of four to six days of fasting, and includes all juices, therapeutic massage, Yoga, and Meditation classes, while luxury accommodations are provided in the Balinese style Dragonfly suite.


Detox in Costa Rica at Waterfall Villas. Cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. 


Waterfall Villas also offers a Transformation to Health package, which is 8 nights, that will release the toxins stored in your body and have accumulated over the years due to poor environment, medicines, and unhealthy food choices. Stop experiencing illness, inflammation, and begin the road to recovery. Included in this transformational retreat:


  • Accommodations in the luxurious Butterfly suite, with a balcony to the top of the falls.
  • 3 Ayurveda Treatments – 4 hand massage with Shirodara for opening the third eye and achieving deep relaxation.
  • Detox Deluxe Lava Rock massage, which includes detoxifying coffee and clay exfoliation and a Sacred Chocolate body mask – a Mayan ritual lasting 2 hours.
  • All meals included – personalized based on your needs and transition goals for healing and detoxification.
  • A consultation to develop and personalize a program that you can continue throughout your life to maintain ultimate health.


Additional Detox therapies and retreats are available at Waterfall Villas. To learn more about them, visit:, and view all of our detox packages that provide positive change to your health and well-being.


Detox in Costa Rica and experience a process that will rid your mind, body, and spirit of hazardous toxins and enter a state of purification, rest, and healing. Begin a new routine of healthy living; replenish your body with fresh, organic nutrients, from ingredients that are grown locally here in Cascadas Farallas. Begin your healing journey at Waterfall Villas, located in the spectacular Baru Rainforest, and get pampered in luxury while transforming your health and well being. Call today: (506) 2 – 787 – 4137, or email for more information at: Here’s to a healthier new you!