Energize Your Life! – Vegan and RAW Foods Detox with Yoga


7 night Retreats during! Can start anytime – Let us know you preferred dates


Cleanse and renew your spirit by freeing the body of all that needs to be released. Organic Raw Vegan Fare of the best quality that Costa Rica has to offer is the main healing ingredient in this Life transitional program – 7 Nights in an all inclusive program includes gentle Kundalini Yoga and sacred circulation meditation from Balinese Shaman.

Yoga is a very important part of the detox process because as toxins make their way out of the body you need to move and stretch the body to really release. The tissue will hold toxins and memories and stress from past events. AS we do Yoga we go beyond these deposits, and remove blocks. The blocks belong to your past, and not to your future. As you release these blocks through Yoga you will detox the body fully. Yoga is the key that is missing in most of the detox programs. IN India Yoga is part of any cleansing and is a intricate part of Ayurveda – the wisdom of life and health. 

Here at the Waterfall Villas, we teach a very gentle Yoga that can be extended for advanced practitioners. In the warm up to a Kundalini Kriya, we will do mostly Vinyasa or Art of Living Yoga that is specific for detoxing the body moving out blockages. Then we will work with a Kundalini Kriya to deepen our awareness of the body and bring allot of oxygen to the blood with pranayamas. This way of doing Yoga is very effective and works for any level of practitioner.

yoga retreat costa rica

Our Yoga retreats are crafted to create a special time in your life where you can focus on yourself rather than others for awhile and really build a foundation to be able to be more flexible and resilient to the challenges that we all face. Yoga is a way to create balance in your life and align yourself in the universe to your true purpose.


Detoxing with Vegan food (cooked) and Raw Food – brings balancing, alkalizing, and rejuvenation – let the waterfalls full of ionic energy fill you with healing, and feel complete relaxation. This all inclusive retreat is right next to the waterfalls the sacred and magical – Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls. Where 2 waterfalls meet there is a magical vortex called the “champujan” there you will receive a Balinese water blessing to renew your life with energy from the goddess of the waters – Life Source! Take a Healing Journey emotionally and spiritually. Detox Yoga for your body, mind, and soul.


Detox Yoga


Detox Detoxification is the first step in clearing the body and mind to regain your health. Meditation next to the powerful waterfalls allows the mind to be cleansed so that with peace instilled in the mind, one’s body can enter into a healing journey. When we are in rhythm with the life force we can heal ourselves. Balance is achieved by practicing Detox Yoga, with a primarily Raw/and or Vegan gluten free alkalizing diet with a preference for raw fresh organic foods.


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Here in the tropical south of Costa Rica there is a phenomenal amount of fresh tropical fruits and luscious vegetables that can be had almost all year around. In my kitchen, I work with the new flavors from this bounty that is Costa Rica, and together with my staff we prepare healing meals for our guests. I will introduce you to the Medicinal Gourmet, using fresh herbs and pure essential oils to assist the body’s own healing powers.


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The food tastes more alive, because it is, and so full of the energy of this pure environment. That is how you energize your life, through nourishment and mind-body-soul balance. A especially designed Detox Spa treatment is included with your retreat using hot lava stones which I collected myself from West Bali beaches – these stones pull out toxins from the body, then you will receive a mixture of deep tissue and a lymphatic point stimulation, the treatment is completed with a luscious facial to clean the skin and give you a glowing complexion.


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You will have luxury private accommodations during your stay. All RAW Vegan meals included for maximum detox acceleration, or a more gentle cooked vegan approach for the evening meal is an option by request. By taking out gluten, and any thing that would not allow clearing you will release and achieve balance. You can also add a wonderful juice cleanse for 3 days min or longer – on request before arrival.


RAW Vegan meals


At the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica we are surrounded by nature’s wellness center – the rain forest; it is here that the most pure oxygen is produced on the planet. We invite travelers to a healing journey, free of electronic stimulus, and the bustling world, a place to reconnect with nature and your self.


Kundalini Yoga Kriya


Program includes:


  • Daily Detox Yoga 2 hours – in the mornings: Meridian Rejuvenation – Stretching and warm up then a Detox Kundalini Yoga Kriya
  • Private counsel on YOUR Life Style, and where you want to be in health (1 hour per guest)
  • Detox Spa treatment (2 hr per guest during 7 night retreat)
  • Private luxury accommodations – 7 nights (rooms with private bathroom)
  • All Detox Meals with Raw Vegan foods – all meals / may have cooked vegan meals in the evenings for those who want to detox gently /Daily fresh coconuts/ Juice fasting for 3 days up 6 days for 7 night retreats – offered on request in advance only*
  • Hike to Nauyaca Waterfalls OR a Zipline Tour / or a Nature hike at Baru reserve – * taxi are not included to tours about 10 minutes transfer
  • Raw Food preparation class included – See how easy it is to incorporate more raw foods into your life for health and life!
  • Cleaning every 2 days and not over the weekends
  • Tax 13% not included


All Detox Meals with Raw Vegan foods


Jan – May $1,999 / May – Dec 15 1,699.00 / August – Sept $1,599.00 discounted special for a single person.

Sharing with a partner/ friend? Total for 2 persons sharing the same suite (King bed /or Jacuzzi Suites on first come first serve) 7 nights for $2,499.00 everything in the retreat included.

20% deposit to guarantee your reservation 🙂

*Juice fasting must be requested in advance at reservation

You can read more about the Detox programs in Costa Rica on this article by Costa Rica Journeys!


It is very important to realize that Detox programs at the Waterfall Villas is not in anyway a form of rehab from any addictions including alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals, as well as narcotics. If you are doing a retreat at the Waterfall Villas - please read, print and sign to present at check in the following acknowledgment :