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Personal Yoga Retreats with Private Classes

Personal Private Retreats are possible anytime and are on-going throughout the year allowing you to arrive any time there is availability for your stay at the Waterfall Villas. You will get a personalized Yoga instruction in a private classes for 2 hours in the morning. As a single / couple you will take classes together and have your own private Suite with private bathroom for your private retreatyoga retrear costa rica

The environment and instruction is personalized to be totally supportive to the level of practice you feel comfortable with achieving during your stay. By request your private retreat may be combined with spiritual studies (Vedic and/ or Buddhist), meditation practice, cleansing and detox, and /or a personalized Ayurvedic healing dosha balancing diet, vegetarian, vegan, raw food retreat, or you can try a Juice Fast or Yogi Bahjan’s fruit fasting – build’s a new stomach lining. Personal Yoga Retreats During the summer January – April it is beach weather everyday ! The Green Season is also a nice quite time for a Yoga Retreat and it is the most vibrant time in the rain forest – and the waterfalls are spectacular! Personal Yoga Retreats for singles or a couple at the Waterfall Villas!

  • 7 nights in your own private Goddess Garden Suite / Dragonfly Suite / or for couples – Butterfly Suite / or other large suite for couples * given availability
  • Kundalini Yoga in the mornings, followed with Meditation, and including spiritual discussions (2 hours approximately)
  • All Meals Vegetarian/ Vegan / or Raw Vegan meals (your preference)
  • Rain forest Activity: Guided Horseback tour to Nauyaca Waterfall – transfer included, /or Baru reserve Canopy Zipline /or  Baru Rain forest hike *(transfer to Baru reserve not included by taxi)
  • Security, Cleaning every 2 days and not over the weekends
  • Tax 13% not included

Personal Yoga Retreats Jan 6th  – May 2023 Private Yoga Retreats during the Costa Rican Summer (High Season):$1,999.00 total OR $2,999.00 for a couple taking Yoga instruction together and sharing the same suite June  – Dec 15 2022 / 2023 we are offering the private retreat for $1,799.00 total for a single. Or $2,599.00 for a couple with everything listed included.   Private transfer from San Jose airport rd trip $400 rd trip for 1 or up to 2 persons. Personal Yoga Retreats

Spiritual Blessing

Cascadas Farallas Waterfall Villas is a very spiritual place, you will feel the energy as soon as you arrive. We would like for our guests to get the most benefits from the waterfall environment and the rainforest by offering an initiating natural energy ceremony to celebrate life and the light forces of our divine origin to enhance your a Spiritual Journey. Our blessing includes a special Costa Rican Shamanic smudge stick burning ritual at the waterfall, and a blessing of sacred waters offered by Fateh Kaur. Fateh’s sacred ceremony takes place for the Solstices, and the monthly Black Moon for $100 per person *which will be used as a donation to reforestation in Costa Rica. Private blessings at the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls all year around or also during July – November at the Jaguar falls grotto are $60 per person – take the infinite energy that you feel here back home with you! Bring your favorite crystal to the blessing. Personal Yoga Retreats

Meditation classes

In the Balinese tradition, we offer you the perfect meditation environment. A yellow bamboo grove offers peaceful views that inspire heightened intuition and a perfect place to meditate by the waterfalls. This space will integrate you with nature’s abundant miracles. By sitting here your aura will renew itself and be made whole. Private Meditation Class is $45 for 1 hour / $90 for a couple. Personal Yoga Retreats

Soul Retrieval

Love life and yourself – even if you thought all was lost, even if your soul left piece by piece throughout your life. Now you can get it back – piece by piece. Shamanic wise woman on personal request will individually provide a soul retrieval for those who’s intention is clear. The soul piece may return if you are ready for re-integration through the spirit guides of the Shamaness. $150.00 per person per session.

The Straightening

This is a high level energy healing which aligns you physically with immediate results – immediately visible in the spine and shoulders often seen as the disappeance of one leg being longer than the other, but also works on alignment to the Universal cosmic grid, and directs your spirit – your soul to be in congruence with your life purpose. This is a profound healing done by a master Shaman. May experince profound emotional release. The treatment is by appointment and needs to be planned at least 1 week before. The cost is $100 for the session and is usually done in small groups. Personal Yoga Retreats

Whale and Dolphin Encounter

July – September is the time of the mating and birthing during the migration of over 250 humpback whales that each year visit the waters near Dominical Costa Rica. Our group will enter the sacred ocean space of the whales at the Marine National Park in Uvita – Osa; 30 minutes from the Waterfall Villas. We may have a chance to swim with the Dolphins and snorkel (ocean and weather cooperative). Whales should be abundant. A professional Capitan and guide will take you in a comfortable boat for this experience. Personal Yoga Retreats

Feng Shui Reading

Feng Shui Reading: Fateh Kaur is a master Feng Shui practitioner offering a Feng Shui reading to our guests for $60 per person for a 30 minute reading after providing Fateh with birth data for preparation of the reading to each participant. The reading will include your Chinese horoscope for the year and the I-Ching trigram with feng shui information for your living situation based on your personal trigram. Home Feng Shui analysis are $100 per 1,000 sq ft. To do this type of reading lots of information and pictures of every room and outside your home in all directions must be provided with a detailed floor plan and compass directional details. Construction year of your home is also required. Oracle Astrology Card Reading: Fateh can also perform individual Astrology Oracle Card readings as per the teachings of Maya White using channeling. $35 for a reading of 30 minutes. Also, Traditional Tarot Card Reading are $60. Most effectively done on the new moon or on full moons. Personal Yoga Retreats

Waterfall Alter

Creating a personal Waterfall Alter, and learning how to move the energy of the environment into objects, so that this energy can also serve you back home is a part of a special personalized class we offer led by our local Wise Woman Raven. This is a transforming experience with a release ceremony. $300 for 2 persons. If you would like a private luxury transfer from the San Jose airport it is $400 round trip / $200 each way additional for 1 or 2 persons at any time 24×7 (after 7pm and before 6am $20 surcharge). We organize the private transfers for you and your driver will pick you up at the airport – he will be holding a sign with your name and the Waterfall Villas. Please send me your flight details if you would like this service.

It is very important to realize that Detox programs at the Waterfall Villas is not in anyway a form of rehab from any addictions including alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals, as well as narcotics. If you are doing a retreat at the Waterfall Villas - please read, print and sign to present at check in the following acknowledgment :