Energy Healing – THE Straightening & Rieki Healing

We are also offering together with local healers in our area many profound energy healings. The straightening actually has a dramatic physical result that your left and right side alignment is adjusted, but what is truly amazing is that energetically you actually align with the universe, and your destiny. This treatment has changed the lives of many of our guests.

Rieki sessions are lead by a Rieki Master for healing on all levels of emotional body, physical body and subtle body in karmic inheritance to enhance your Spiritual Journey.

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Meditation Classes

In the Balinese tradition, we offer you the perfect meditation environment. A yellow bamboo grove offers peaceful views that inspire heightened intuition and a perfect place to meditate by the waterfalls.

Balinese tradition
This space will integrate you with nature’s abundant miracles. By sitting here your aura will renew itself and be made whole.
Private Meditation Class is $45 for 1 hour / $90 for a couple

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Soul Retrieval

Love life and yourself – even if you thought all was lost, even if your soul left piece by piece throughout your life. Now you can get it back – piece by piece. Shamanic wise woman on personal request will individually provide a soul retrieval for those who’s intention is clear. The soul piece may return if you are ready for re-integration through the spirit guides of the Shamaness.

I have been working with energy healers for over 25 years. And use them rather than medication for any issue I have had with great success, and I have witnessed incredible miracles in others healing as well (and it has not always been easy…). I am also certified in Reiki, but there are many masters in our area. Sabina who does the Soul Retrieval is an amazing spirit. She came to Costa Rica 30 years ago from Germany to save Jaguar, and their habitats, she has bee working with shamans for many years and is initiated as a shamanic practitioner for this type of healing. I have worked with her to overcome many issues around grief, and other issues and every time a complete integration of my lost soul parts has been achieved. Because traumas do cause us to loose part of ourselves and in the ancient tribes the Shamans used to work with people int their tribes all the time as soon as these things happened, but well you know that was lost to our industrial society for many years. NOW, amazingly it is coming back in certain communities. We are starting to realize that we live in BOTH realms of spirit and physical reality simultaneously. It is $150 for the session.

Straightening – Energy Alignment

The straightening is an energy healing that works on both physical level with physical evidence of the treatment afterwards, like your body will no longer have a shoulder or leg longer than the other. This is measured before and after and marked so you can really see this and not be able to deny something DID actually happen. Many people have profound emotional releases, and realize what they really want in their lives and what may have to change. That can be a process of some months and everything shifts like a building that is fluid in a dream with rotating floors and walls…then you start to align with the universe sometimes on a multi-dimensional level as well. This energy treatment is administered by persons who are Reiki Masters for years who have gone to this next level in a special training. The way in which it was done was given to a Russian man who went to the wailing wall in Israel and there he asked God for the way to really cure all people and put this wish on a piece of paper and stuck it in the wall. He did not ask for himself, but in knowing how as it was reveled to him – he was able to heal himself from severe physical pain and misalignment, and then others as well. The largest schools have been in Europe, and slowly by selected Masters it has found its way to the Americas. We don’t know how long this will be available in our area, and it is $100 for the session.

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It is very important to realize that Detox programs at the Waterfall Villas is not in anyway a form of rehab from any addictions including alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals, as well as narcotics. If you are doing a retreat at the Waterfall Villas - please read, print and sign to present at check in the following acknowledgment :