Waterfall Villas – Raw foods Inspirational Class

The Raw foods Chef at the Waterfall Villas will present a delicious Raw meal that everyone can fit into their life style to start becoming more raw. My Raw Inspiration Series is having the second class in this series of raw foods courses that will show you how easy it is to start becoming more raw and using more of the the fine fresh ingredients we have here in Costa Rica to do it!

Raw Foods Course Class at Waterfall Villas with Fateh

Ask for dates – also for private classes RSVP ONLY – as much dehydrator preparation and garden / wild forest foraging goes into preparation of each class

Raw foods Inspirational Class with Fateh Bolivar

Menu will be from my Asian fusion collection

raw foods costa rica

Example- serving my famous Tomato & Coconut Soup, Zuchini rolls filled with my version of Broccoli pate with fresh veggies accompanied by a seasonal sauces, and for desert an incredible Raw Orange Tart with chocolate crust!!!  Fresh juice offered as well and a natural red hibiscus tea/or kombucha.


Raw foods are featured in this 2 hour class, with recipes, and you will be served this delicious meal.

$85 per person for a private class/or couples $160! $45 per person for groups of 6 or more …RSVP at





1. Practical Plant Medicines for Better Health

An interactive workshop about using plant medicines for better health and well-being. From the simplest preparations to the more complex, participants learn about the different ways therapeutic plants can be incorporated into a wellness strategy. We discuss how many types of preparations are made, like teas, tinctures, syrups, compresses, infused and essential oils, as well as the benefits of each. With this understanding it becomes easy to choose the right product or preparation for your needs. The workshop includes demonstrations and samples of local medicinal plants.

1 ½ – 2 hour workshop: $95

2. Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica

This is a Show-and-Tell workshop specifically about medicinal plants of Costa Rica. I bring in many samples of local plants with information on their traditional uses and therapeutic benefits. As well, we look at various preparations and finished products made from plants grown in my medicinal garden.

1 ½ – 2 hour workshop: $95

My Background

I have many years experience using medicinal plants for healing myself and others. My knowledge base comes from personal experience, ethnobotanical and medical anthropology studies in university, and self-directed research. As well I have attended workshops on Costa Rican medicinal plants given by Professor Luis Poveda (University of Costa Rica and Director of the National Herbarium) and Agustin Contreras, a noted researcher and promoter of natural medicine. I use my skills to prepare many different medicinal plant products for sale in the local markets. I also regularly present workshops on medicinal plants and holistic wellness to the international students at the Firestone Center for Restoration Ecology at Pitzer College, located in Baru.