10 nights in the land of the Incas for deep inner work to clear ancestral and past life patterns – self discovery and re-patterning

Join Fateh to the land of her ancestors – Peru for a deep inner work in a sacred land of inspiration and magic

Peru Retreats

This is a special private organized tour that will take you to some the best places Peru has to offer. Fateh as you guide will offer talks and self discovery and re-patterning workshops with Kundalini meditations with breath-work, and opportunities for spiritual experiences and discovery in the most incredible journey of a lifetime in Peru!

Peru Retreats | Waterfall Villas Offers Amazing Journey to Peru

In Peru a land of fabulous diversity, discover the 3 worlds of the Shaman the Underworld – represented by the snake, the Middle world of man – represented by the Jaguar, and the Higher world – of the Condor!

Shaman the Underworld

We will have wonderful opportunities to find the best handcrafts in Peru and also at the Pisac market place.

Pisac market place

Day 1:

First landing in Lima, Peru check in to the hotel and we will meet our group for a dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 2:

The following day we will visit the best museums in the country – Larco Museum, here the treasures of the Incas are in the most incredible private collection with shamanic pre-Colombian pieces. And the museum of Gold showing the splendor of the Inca!

Day 3:

We will fly to Cusco early, here you will acclimatize so we can visit the finest ancient capital in the Americas, and center of antiquity in the Americas

Day 4 – 5:

We will walk the streets of Cuzco and visit the sites of the Sun and the Moon – now cathedrals are built on the top of these 2 pyramids. We will see the local crafts and have some free time.

First talks about the discovery of ancestral patterns and how we can recognize those withing our self…

Visit to Machu Pichu the most incredible ancient site in South America. Travel back to sleep in Cusco.

Chariot of the Gods

On the 6th – 10th days

We will travel to the sacred Valley and stay at a medicinal plant wellness center for the deep work of re-patterning and self discovery


Includes all transfers and flights inside Peru from arrival in Lima to last day in Cuzco – you can find international flights from Cuzco.

Cost is $ 4,599.00 per person. Accepting Registration for the Peru Journey only before March 2023. Does not include flights to Lima, Peru or flight to and from Cuzco.