Experience yoga with Fateh Kaur Bolivar, a certified KYI Kundalini Yoga teacher at Waterfall Villas Resort

Fateh Kaur Bolivar was born in Southern California, and moved to Hawaii at 16 to pursue a study in Computer Science from which she had an international career as an executive and CEO. Fateh had an epiphany when she decided to change her lifestyle. She sold everything and moved to Costa Rica to save a piece of the rain forest and develop and share the Waterfall Villas – a Wellness Retreat and Spa.

She has studied and practiced various forms of Yoga for over 20 years, and is a certified KYI Kundalini Yoga Teacher who studied Master’s Touch under Yogi Bahjan, the Majan Tantric, while he was still in his earth form, in Española, New Mexico at his ashram.

Fateh is a mystic with background in Bali Dharma, Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shamanic studies. Fateh has received transmissions from the 3 persons on earth who have been able to tell of their next incarnation before they leave the earth plane:

1. Tai Situpa Rinpoche at Sharbling Monastery

2. She has gone through an initiation process with the Dali Lama

3. Fateh has been blessed by the real Karmapa (Sikim leader in exile).

Fateh has visited most sacred sites of the Earth. Fateh has climbed inside the great pyramid tomb at Giza, received a vision at the Isis temple in Aswan, and visited Abu Simbel for the festival of Ramses II at the first light of dawn to see the illumination, touched by the goddess at Dendra, Borabudur, Machu Pichu, Chichanitza, and Konya, Turkey where she also studied Sufism, meditated at the vortexes in Sedona, various temples of India – Fateh purSikri in India, and Bali’s most sacred sanctums.

Fateh will lead you in your spiritual and healing Journey in Costa Rica at Waterfall Villas Wellness Resort.  With many retreats to choose from, you are certain to find one that fits your needs.

Yoga Retreat in Bali

One retreat planned for later this year is the Bali Sacred Black Moon Healing Retreat scheduled for October 2018. This is a 7 night all-inclusive retreat on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali.

The first part of the journey will focus on Yoga, Meditation and Healing for 5 nights at the Nirarta Sacred Yoga and Awareness Retreat Center in the high mountains of Sideman in Eastern Bali. The Second part of the Journey will be 2 nights in Ubud, the artist, culinary, and cultural center of Bali, where all participants will receive a special blessing at the sacred Water Temple – a unique and auspicious experience to cleanse our Karma.

A Balinese Shamanic Healer and Priest will accompany everyone on this journey. It will be an opportunity to regain lost flexibility and experience healing on many levels with Shamanic energy healing given through a special pressure point therapy.

Yoga retreats in Costa Rica are great for your inner peace!

Waterfall Villas Wellness Retreat offers Yoga and various other retreats in an environment conducive to revitalizing your body, mind and spirit!  Located in the beautiful lush tropical Baru Rainforest, it provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation.

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